All in Twos (AI2s)

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All in two/hybrid (AI2s) systems offer some great features. They come in two pieces – inserts and covers.  Most have offer either snap-in, lay-in, or disposable inserts.  The covers can be wiped and reused throughout the day (unless poo escapes!) with fresh inserts.  They are often trim and offer a variety of options within one system. Check out the video at the bottom of the page for a closer look at AI2 systems.

AI2 inside

An AI2 consists of two parts — an outer water-resistant shell, and an absorbent insert. Inserts can be cloth or disposable, and often snap into place.

AI2 inside 2

When the insert is pre-snapped, an AI2 is as easy for babysitters and grandparents as an all in one diaper.


AI2 outside

When the diaper is wet, you can usually toss the old insert into the wetbag and reuse the cover with a fresh insert. (Featured diaper: Grovia AI2 in Pudge print)


AI2 pros:

  • Since the covers can be reused, they can be an economical system.
  • Often very trim.
  • If the inserts are snapped in ahead of time, they’re as easy to use as AIOs.
  • Shells come in many cute prints and colors.
  • Often fairly quick to dry, though some inserts can be slow drying.
  • Some systems have high-absorbency nighttime inserts
  • Some systems make disposable inserts, which can be a convenient feature for travel.
  • Lay-in systems with tuckable covers, such as Flips, can be used with prefolds, flats, or flour sack towels in addition to designated inserts.

AI2 cons:

  • Sometimes the inserts are expensive enough that the system isn’t any cheaper than an AIO.
  • The inserts may not be good at containing poop.
  • Changing out the inserts requires an extra step.
  • Often not a great nighttime option.
  • Snap-in systems make it difficult to customize absorbency.
  • With lay-in systems, inserts may bunch or move.

Some popular AI2 brands include:

  • Applecheeks, cover $20, inserts $5 – $11.50
  • Best Bottoms, cover $16.95, inserts $3.95 – $6.95
  • Bumgenius Flips, cover $14.95, inserts $5 – $12.50
  • Chelory, cover $24.95, inserts $8.25
  • Grovia, cover $16.95, inserts $8.50
  • Moraki, cover + 1 insert $27, extra inserts $5
  • Ragababe 2-Step, cover + insert $39.95
  • Softbums, cover $21.95, inserts $3.95 – $7.95
  • Thirsties, cover $12.75, inserts $6.75 – $8.75