Fitted diapers

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Fitted diapers are a great choice for overnight, car rides, and for babies who are heavy wetters or who are sensitive to synthetic fibers. While pocket and AIO diapers are absorbent only in the wet zone, or crotch, fitted diapers are absorbent all the way around. They usually snap or Velcro shut, similar to an AIO. However, they generally require a cover to be fully waterproof. Hybrid fitteds have a layer of non-absorbent fleece that allows them to sometimes be used without a cover.

Fitteds are generally made from cotton, bamboo, or hemp. Cotton is the least absorbant and is generally best for daytime use. Bamboo is quite absorbent and very soft. Hemp is the most absorbent, but can be somewhat scratchy. There are many extremely cute fitteds made from a wide variety of prints, and some can be very collectable.

Fitteds are also a great choice for newborns because they’re so good at containing newborn poop. Green Mountain Diapers workhorse fitteds are a very popular choice for a newborn stash.

For many people, a good fitted under a wool cover is the most reliable overnight option. Fitteds are great for tummy or side sleepers because they absorb around the hips and belly, preventing leaks. Additionally, a good fitted can be absorbent enough to hold a whole night’s worth. See our page on overnight diapering for more info.

Fitted diaper pros

  • Very absorbent
  • Great for overnights and car rides
  • Good choice for newborns
  • Can be extremely cute

Fitted diaper cons

  • Usually require a cover
  • Can be bulky
  • Not great for babies who are sensitive to wetness
  • Some brands are expensive
  • Some fitteds that are made out of cute fabrics can fade in a bleach soak.

Some popular brands of fitteds:

  • Assunta
  • GMD workhorse
  • Goodmama
  • Maplebean
  • Pooters
  • Sbish overnight bamboo fitteds
  • Tots Bots Bamboozles
  • Wonderful Bambino