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Page by: Sara Elizabeth Recalde and Jill Bristow

Cloth Diapering on the Go!

“You’re having a baby! Congratulations!” Exclaims every baby product retailer as they offer you a list of everything your baby will ever need. One of these key items is your diaper bag. So, off to Google you go… “best diaper bags” leaves you with what seems like a million options. You start to click through them, “ooh that’s pretty” and “oh my gosh that’s incredibly costly!”, and then you realize that most of these bags are advertised with disposable diapers and their reviews are done by parents and bloggers who use disposable diapers as well. Yes, these reviews can be incredibly helpful, but they can also be a bit misleading.

They don’t exactly give a cloth diapering family a great idea of how much capacity their bags truly have. My goal is to review as many different diaper bags as I possibly can to give an accurate depiction and representation to families who cloth diaper to find the perfect bag for them. So while they may not be marketed for cloth, as we continue to strive to make cloth mainstream, I am working with many companies to bring these bags to you with cloth diapers in mind. 10 disposable diapers fit in the same amount of space as 3 cloth. That makes a huge difference for those of us who use cloth diapers when out and about and directly affects what we can bring with us or how long we can be out.

I started using cloth when my son was about 6 months old. I’d already gone through 3 diaper bags when trying to find the perfect one for disposable diapers and an infant and here I was going through this all over again trying to find a way to fit it all with cloth. My ultimate goal is to help other cloth diapering families use my experience to shop for their own bag. I will try to review as many bags as I can get my hands on with as many photos as I can take to help you, the reader, get a sense of the capacity and capabilities of each bag and hopefully give you an idea of how well it can work for you. My son is currently 14 months old, so while some may be toting around bottles, I’m carrying around food and sippy cups. I try to choose items for these demonstrations that take up around the same amount of space as a day’s worth of four 8 ounce bottles. I’ve also switched from pocket diapers to hybrid diapers, kind of like a happy medium between pockets and covers/prefolds, so that also impacts how much I can fit in a bag.

While you’re here, feel free to fill out a survey I’ve made to pass along to diaper bag companies to encourage them to advertise with cloth to help us fluff love students and graduates shop. Also, check out my Instagram and Facebook pages for updates, chats, and giveaways.


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Date PublishedBrandModel/See the review here!PhotoMSRPTwin Friendly?
April 6, 2015Skip HopDuo Special Edition Diaper Bag$70.00
April 11, 20157A.M. EnfantVoyage Diaper Bag$118.00
April 11, 2015Skip HopGrand Central$89.99YES!
April 21, 2015OiOi Carry All$169.99
April 27, 2015Timi & LeslieTag-A-Long Tote$99.99
May 5, 2015Holly AikenBomber Tote$189.00
May 11, 2015BabymelCara Diaper Bag$110.00
May 20, 2015Twelve LittleCourage Unisex Diaper Bag Backpack$210.00YES!
May 27, 2015Claudine and Ash"The River" Carryall$185.00
June 3, 2015Lily JadeElizabeth Diaper Bag and Baby Bag Insert$49.00- $335.00
June 9, 2015Boken BagsEvery Day Bag$68.00YES!
June 15, 2015DadGearDiaper Bag Backpack$99.00YES!
June 23, 2015ThirtyOne GiftsZip Top Utility Tote$35.00
June 23, 2015Built NYEssential Neoprene Tote$59.99
July 7, 2015BebamourDiaper Bag Backpack and Tote$74.99
July 22, 2015HoohobbersMessenger Diaper Bag$84.00YES!
July 29, 2015Journey FiveChic Chevron XL Bag$59.99YES!
August 5, 2015OkieDogMondo Messenger Bag$59.95
August 7, 2015OemiBaby Bag$295.00
August 11, 2015AlmaRoseCLAIRE$159.99YES!
September 26, 2015Petunia Pickle BottomBoxy Backpack Diaper Bag$189.00
September 26, 2015Petunia Pickle BottomAbundance Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag$210.00YES!
October 7, 2015LassigWeekender Ethno Diaper Bag$159.99YES!
October 15, 2015MZ WallaceKate$395.00
October 19, 2015Masala BabyQuilted Tote and Diaper Clutch$44.00
November 10, 2015Cee Cee & RyanStef Baby Bag$98.00


Sara Elizabeth is a stay at home mom in NYC to her toddler, Leonardo, and former airline employee. She’s an expert bag packer thanks to her former profession and will be reviewing as many diaper bags as possible for fellow cloth diapering parents while waiting to begin her journey to become a Registered Nurse. She began cloth diapering Leo when he was 6 months old in June 2014 and after lots of trial and error, her diapers of choice are GroVia Hybrids. Naturally, her favorite of them all is her planes shell. Now that her son has potty trained, she has passed the torch on to Jill Bristow, a wonderful admin of the Fluff Love & CD Science team with a toddler and newborn in cloth.