Lassig Weekender Ethno Diaper Bag

You’re still here? You still haven’t found a bag you love? Well, no worries. I’m still here too. We will work on this together- so, here’s another awesome option for you.


Lassig recently came out with the new Weekender bag and it’s got such an awesome print and really proved to be quite spacious. I’m confident to say that it has enough room for one baby in cloth full time, and think it could do well for two babies, if you don’t pack the huge list of things that I do.

This week’s list includes:

  • 12 diaper changes (2 covers, 12 soakers)
  • Changing pad (included)
  • 2 wet bags
  • wipes
  • sippy cup
  • 2 glass food jars
  • 2 bibs
  • nick knacks (sunscreen, diaper cream, etc)
  • small bag (included)
  • bottle insulator (included)
  • tissues
  • 4 toys
  • board book
  • wallet
  • cell Phone


The small bag that is included with the diaper bag is quite handy for small things like bibs and tissues to keep them easy to find.

Normally, I carry my small wipes container, but this bag has a cool spot for wipes, so I wanted to use a full sized package of them for you to see that it is capable of fitting one there.

There’s also a handy pocket next to it for the changing pad, wet bags, and small bag so that they don’t get buried as well as small pockets on the opposite side perfect for rash creams and other handy messy things. The panel they are attached to is removable for easy clean up. Anyone who uses cloth diapers knows the nightmare that is melted coconut oil when it leaks all over your bag so this is a great solution.

The included insulated bottle holder is also great! It has a clip on it so that it doesn’t need to stay in the bag- it can clip to the outside or even to your stroller when on the go. It also fits a sippy cup and food jar easily.

When packing for one child, everything fits well on the bottom of the bag. when packing for two, you may have to wiggle a little to get all 12 diapers in the bag but it is totally doable!

The full panel interior wet pocket is great for a tablet or small laptop (or, of course as a wet bag), however I opted to use the pocket for my phone and wallet.

The exterior pocket does have room for a phone and keys, as well as pen holders. I decided to use it for my board book, because that’s the one thing I always need handy for my rambunctious toddler to sit still for a moment.

This tote style bag does come with a removable cross body strap and stroller hooks so it is super easy to adapt to your needs.

This is a really great bag, and for under $160, I’m really impressed! It definitely lives up to its name of being a weekender bag.


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