MZ Wallace Kate

As the winter holiday season approaches and the gorgeous colors of fall and winter come back into style, I’m really excited to share a beautiful bag with you this week. If you’re looking for inspiration for an amazing and luxurious gift or a bag for yourself that does not look like a diaper bag, you should definitely check out the MZ Wallace Kate. I chose the Redwood Bedford color and it was love at first sight. They do have other colors available as well, if you’re not into the bold red like I am.


This week’s packing list includes:

  • 5 AIO (all in one) diapers
  • 1 wet bag
  • wipes
  • nick knacks
  • bib
  • small glass food jar
  • small pouch (included)
  • changing pad (included)
  • sunglasses
  • water bottle
  • sippy cup
  • 3 toys
  • 1 book
  • flash cards
  • phone
  • keys


This bag has a ton of pockets with a bright interior, making things really easy to find, even if they fall out of their place.

The included small bag is great for nick knacks easily lost, and clips to a strap inside of the bag for easy finding.

The zippered interior pocket is an awesome little “mommy pocket” and the two pockets inside of it fit sunglasses and a phone perfectly. There’s still room for the removable should strap, a mom book, planner, or tablet too.

Even once loaded up with diapers, toys, wipes, and other must haves, this bag has a ton of room left on top, making it great for toting lunch or even changes of clothing for baby and mom. The small pocket under the mom pocket is great if you take public transit- it fits my metrocard, path smartlink card, and NJ transit monthly pass perfectly, in an easy to access but secure place.

The front pockets are great for keeping kid’s books handy as well as kleenex and hand sanitizer as flu season is quickly approaching.

There is a back pocket that runs the length of the bag and works great for storing the changing pad or other items you may need handy (like a nursing cover) or need separated. This is a gorgeous bag, great for the city mom on the go, or even just short outings. it really is versatile and can easily be your one and only bag from birth and beyond. Coming in just shy of $400 at $395.00 USD, this bag truly is a luxury and would make an amazing and thoughtful gift for the new mom in your life.

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