About Us!

Fluff Love & CD Science was born out of the combined effort and passions of mothers who got tired of the misinformation, misconceptions, and dangerous cleaning methods they’ve seen promoted throughout the cloth diaper industry. The original admins met while members of a large, now-defunct cloth diaper group on Facebook. When that group disbanded, an existing, much smaller group opened its doors to the lost members so they would have a place to congregate and give each other advice. Kinsey Marie and Janelle Coleman eventually became admins of the smaller group and worked hard together to help the members find solutions to their washing problems.

In time, the ideals of the small group started changing in ways that Kinsey and Janelle felt they could no longer associate themselves with, for the sake and safety of their membership. The two left the small group and co-founded Fluff Love & CD Science, with the help of several other admins who followed them. Thousands of members left the group to start this one, though the much smaller group does currently exist. We are not affiliated with any other cloth diapering group or community past or present, nor have any of our admins ever administrated any infamous disbanded cloth diaper groups. We may be large, but we are in fact an independent entity with a style of our own.

In just eight months, Fluff Love & CD Science holds a membership of well over 40,000 cloth diapering parents. Our admin team offers a wide array of experience with moms who have been successfully cloth diapering their babies for many years. The admins at Fluff Love work very hard to provide helpful and safe information to our membership so that they know why we make the recommendations we do and can be confident in their personal method of cleaning their cloth diapers. Our priority is, and always will be, keeping babies safe in their clean cloth diapers.

Fluff Love Revolution is a registerd nonprofit organization in the state of Texas, and we are pursuing national nonprofit status. Funding for incorporation has come from our custom Glow Bug diaper. For more information, see the Fluff Love Revolution page.

The “professors” or admins of Fluff Love & CD Science pay for things like website hosting out of our own pockets. Giveaway prizes are donated by individual companies. We do not receive any kind of payment or kickback for our advice, testing, or recommendations. We may occasionally receive free product or promotional materials from companies for testing purposes, but that has no bearing on our recommendations, nor are we compensated in any way for our time.

We recommend diaper companies we love and who have sound washing advice. Grovia and Glow Bug are two awesome companies that all of us at FLU adore! We do participate in an affiliate program with Glow Bug diapers, offering our members and readers discounts on their fantastic diapers. In return, Glow Bug frequently donates diapers to our giveaways.

As for detergents, we believe that dirty diapers are just really dirty laundry, and typically any detergent is perfectly fine to use. Our “default” stance on any given detergent is that it is recommended. A detergent isnot recommended if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • does not contain a sufficient concentration of surfactant to clean human waste from multi-layered cloth diapers when used at up to three times the manufacturer’s recommended use amount
  • uses a formula that is known to cause burns to users
  • Uses a formula that will cause damage to cloth diapers or impede their function (as by coating fibers to trap soil or cause repelling of liquids)
  • Has been consistently shown to be ineffective among users in our Facebook troubleshooting group

Fluff Love University detergent recommendations are the opinions of the creators of this site. We aim to base all our recommendations on empirically valid and scientifically derived evidence. We encourage parents to research any product which they intend to use around their children.

If you are a diaper company, just be awesome! With a group of over 43,000 members, it is safe to say we have tried every brand out there, and the standout brands really do stand out. As our members and admins fall in love with your diapers, you will see our personal recommendations here on FLU as well as in our Facebook group. Please do keep in mind that washing instructions and not tying your warranty to washing practices both tie heavily into our love for a company, so if you do not see us singing your praises, check and see if your washing philosophy is aligned with ours.

If you are a detergent company, we would be happy to test your detergent and base our recommendation off of our experiences. Please contact us if you would like to offer us information about your products and potentially set up testing.

No. Fluff Love University is not a part of any larger organization. We are a registered nonprofit (Fluff Love Revolution) in the state of Texas, and we are pursuing federal 501(c)3 status. Our organization is wholly our own and is neither paid by nor owned in any part by any other company. In short, despite the rumors you may have heard, we are NOT paid by Tide.
We are cloth diapering mothers and fathers who have been through the wringer when it comes to laundry. Our admins have a combined total of nearly five decades of cloth diapering experience. We have hundreds of success stories from moms and dads who have used our methods, many of whom came to us as a last resort before giving up cloth. And we have conducted two very large, groundbreaking surveys that conclusively show that our washing methods WORK and work well. We are also a wide-spread and diverse group, and between our varied professional and academic pursuits, we have access to a wide array of resources such as scholarly databases, which allows us to base our opinions and recommendations on peer-reviewed and empirically valid data whenever possible.
Several of our admins have backgrounds in the sciences or in statistics and analysis. We cover a broad range of fields and focuses, not all of which are related to science. Our most important background experience, however, is that of motherhood and of successful care of cloth diapers for our own children.
Fluff Love bases our recommendations off of scientifically valid evidence and the belief that the worst thing you can do to your baby or your diapers is put them back on the bum without being properly cleaned first. Many diaper manufacturers recommend you treat their product like delicate lingerie to protect the product’s integrity. At Fluff Love, however, we have no interest in washing poop with time-consuming and exclusive methods in the name of treating the diapers with a delicate hand. We want them clean and we have no bones about it – your baby’s bum is far more important than the diaper that’s on it!