Fluff Love Revolution Nonprofit

While building and fostering the community in our Facebook group, Fluff Love & CD Science, it became obvious that we as a team yearned to do much bigger things in the CD world. Part of our dream was to create a nonprofit organization and Fluff Love Revolution was born. We are currently incorporated in the state of Texas and are fundraising to apply for Federal 501(c)(3) status.

FLR Logo


Fluff Love Revolution’s purpose is to educate and aid parents and caregivers, through scientific evidence, how to be successful at cloth diapering, no matter their lifestyle or situation.


  • President: Holly Rhodes
  • Vice President: Sara Parten
  • Secretary: Danica Hecht
  • Treasurer: Heather Viers
  • Board Member: Jen Biundo
  • Board Member: Jill Bristow
  • Board Member: Sadie Cora
  • Board Member: Darcy Osheim
  • Board Member: Meri Mackey