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Here at Fluff Love University, we are committed to maintaining the privacy of you and your children. As such, we will never sell any of your information to any third party, nor will we divulge any identifying information submitted to us through this website or through our Facebook group ( or all other associated groups without your written consent. This identifying information includes your name, face, or your children’s names or faces. Please note that while we are committed to protecting your identity, we may share screenshots of Facebook postings or excerpts from emails we receive. In these instances, your identifying information will be obscured or not included.

We are not doctors, and therefore cannot dispense medical advice. If your child has a severe or persistent diaper rash, please consult his or her pediatrician. We do not allow rash pictures to be posted here or on any of our Facebook groups.

From time to time we may conduct surveys (here on or via Facebook) in order to gain statistical information from a large number of cloth diaper users. We will use this data in order to further our research into the science of cleaning cloth diapers. We will not post any identifying information from any of our survey respondents without their written permission. We may post survey results here on our website.

Our research is thorough and cited, but we are not infallible. If you find any information from a reputable source that contradicts or conflicts with the information we have presented here, we would love to hear from you! Please drop us a line on our Contact Us page. Again, we will not use any correspondence sent to us via that page without removing or obscuring any identifying information.

We make every effort to use scientific and empirically valid data and evidence on this site. Our recommendations are our opinions based off of our research. As with any product you use around your children, we encourage parents to research the things they choose to buy. We are not compensated in any way for our opinions. We may, in some cases, be sent free samples of detergent or other product to test. These cases will be noted in our testing write-ups. We do not earn money for Fluff Love University. If you choose to sign up for web hosting using our referral link, we will receive a bonus as part of DreamHost’s affiliate program. This money goes directly to our web hosting bill and cannot be used for anything else.

Photographs of children on this website are published with express written permission of the child(ren)’s parents/guardians.

Finally, collects statistical data about visitors to our website, such as referral links, search terms, pages visited and visit duration, and so on. This information is used only for our own, private analysis and will not be sold to any third party company.

Any third party or outside links presented on this website may take you to a page with a different privacy policy than ours. We are not responsible for the content of those pages, nor are we responsible for their privacy policies. We encourage you to read the privacy statements of any website you use.

All the content on is © Copyright 2014-2015 Fluff Love and CD Science. All rights reserved. We encourage sharing of the information on this site, and we ask that you keep all links intact and give credit to sources.