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Welcome to our success story page! Check out the comments below to see how our Fluff Love & CD Science has helped many moms get on the right track with cloth diaper care!

Got a success story of your own? Feel free to comment and add yours!

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  1. Ashleyok

    I was using Country Save and Nellie’s before finding the site. After some stink issues I found the site and did a strip and bleach soak and switched to an approved detergent. No problems now!

    1. Ernestina CruZ

      I am new to cloth diapering and I thought, “Okay I watched enough youtube videos I think I know how to go about.” I was so wrong! First of all, I used the wrong detergent. Second, I found out about striping and bleaching used cloth diapers. I thought used diapers would just have to be washed twice at least and then good to go. I won’t take credit for finding your group because I didn’t. A friend of mines added me onto the group and I started checking out the information all stalker status and learned new stuff. I started prepping my diapers with proper detergent and tomorrow I will be stripping and bleaching the used diapers. 🙂
      Thanks so much to the members and the administrators for making such a wonderful group!

    2. Heather hood

      I have been using cloth since lo was 2 months she is almost a year! I have had to change detergents a few times but with the help of an admin I believe I’m on the right track as of a little over a week ago. Without this page I wouldn’t know how to fix ammonia smell. Thanks

    3. RachelJ

      FLU helped me with stripping, beaching, and a new wash routine! Now I have nothing but CLEAN & absorbent diapers that don’t stain! I was using Charlie’s before and now I have a proper routine & detergent!

    4. Antoinette Allen

      My cousin actually directed me to fluff love before I even started considering using cloth diapers. The admins helped me get my wash routine perfect and even though we’ve have some issues with rashes(not because of cloth) the admins have always been super helpful and kind!

    5. Becky Clinton

      I found Fluff Love through a cloth diapering FB page and I’m so thankful I did. My first baby is due in July and I have felt so overwhelmed with information regarding diaper care. With all the information I’ve found on their site, I have been able to establish a diaper care routine that I am confident in. Also, I’ve determined how to prepare my new and preloved diapers so they can go straight on the bum when he arrives without issue.

    6. Brittany R

      Until finding this site, we had horrible leak issues! Upon reading the Fluff Love files and speaking to a few admins we got everything straightened out and now have very little to no leaking at all! If it weren’t for Fluff Love we’d have given up on cloth long ago.

    7. Trisha Breit Seeley

      I was directed to this page by a friend before I ever started cloth so it’s all I know! I have learned so much by studying the files and from the awesome admins, peer advisors and cloth loving peers on this page. My baby is almost 7 months and I decided against cloth before he was born because I had looked around on the Internet and decided it was waay too complicated. I wish I had found this site then! We have been in cloth for 2 months now and loving it! We have yet to have a problem but if we do I know I can count on everyone on this page to steer me in the right direction!

    8. Shelby Marie

      I’m new to cloth diapering and got an approved wash routine for my specific machine from the fluff love page! So far I’ve had no stink or stains 😀

    9. Lisa Soke

      I was using a free and clear and didn’t know why my diapers smelled funky. Used the super easy to follow detergent chart to find something that actually works!

    10. Maryah

      It’s the reason we cloth. Fluff love university taught me everything I know and I have used cloth since I found it

    11. Heather

      I’m new to cloth diapering. I’m so glad to have found fluff love university before receiving my first diapers. I had planned to use diy detergent and from all the horror stories I’ve seen im glad I didn’t. I haven’t had smell or staining incidents yet. This site is so helpful and makes cloth seem so simple and achievable.

    12. Jeanne

      I was completely lost until I found Fluff Love. Now I am confident enough to cloth full time. With a great wash routine and help and advice from this group you can’t fail at cloth diapering.

    13. Rachel Miller

      I never thought I would cloth diaper. Then I thought I might. Then a friend was selling her stash, and I jumped on it. When she delivered them to me, she talked to me about washing and stripping. She told me how I would have to “trick” my front loading washing machine into thinking there was a heavier load, about the “right” kinds of detergent, about extra rinses, etc. my head was spinning with all this information that I doubted I would ever be able to keep straight. I second guessed whether or not I could do this. Then I mentioned to some friends on another board that I was going to start cloth diapering. A friend referred to me Fluff Love University.

      Oh my goodness!

      A place with ready made graphics of everything I needed to know?! A place that debunked (and backed it up with science!) all those cloth diaper myths?! I didn’t have to buy special expensive detergents. I didn’t have to continually strip the stink from my diapers. I didn’t have to worry about ruining my diapers.

      It was a game changer. I no longer felt intimidated by all I didn’t know. I had an arsenal of information in my hands (on my phone). I saved the graphics on stripping, bleaching, and laundering, and went to work.

      We have been cloth diapering our baby for about seven months now. Her diapers are clean and stink free, she is rash free, and the diapers are still holding up great!

      Thank you Fluff Love University!!

      1. Danielle

        If it wasn’t for fluff love I wouldn’t have a solid wash routine and would have used homemade detergent. Thank you, Fluff Love!

    14. Jessica N

      I was so lucky to find FL&CDS when I did. I was able to correct my wash routine before too many problems arose. Just being apart of this wonderful community, I have learned so much.

    15. Breann Mccauley

      When I first made the decision to switch over to cding I was super hesitant. I didn’t know anything about it. When I first joined fl&cds I quickly became more nervous learning about the dos and donts of cding. I joined the website a few months ago and now I’m not only feeling confident, but I can say that I’m excited! My little guy won’t be here until August, but I’ve already found my wash routine, a good soap and have learned so much stuff along the way. The admins have been extremely helpful so very nice. And I appreciate each and every one of them taking the time to answer all of my questions (ridiculous or realistic)

    16. Anissa C

      Fluff Love has been a major help with my cloth diaper journey. I was so intimidated when I started cloth diapering, especially the laundering. I almost felt like giving up a few times, but after reading the files, I found a wash routine that worked for me and resulted in clean diapers! So glad I found this page! Going on 5 months of using cloth!

    17. Michelle Franklin

      This website has helped me so much! I love how
      Everyone is so helpful! I was so lost when I first started cloth! I also recommended this group
      To a lot of new moms!

  2. Maegan

    Had to move internationally…away from a fully established and wonderfully working wash routine.

    New location, shared washer, very hard well water, no car (to make a quick trip for detergent, boosters, softeners, etc).

    But two hours straight of reading files and making notes…and the next day I used what I had on hand to fix my laundry problems. THEN…when I was able to drive I had a list of exactly what I needed to get to have clean diapers every wash!


  3. Jessica Bordas

    I was so lost prior to finding this group. I had to decided to begin cloth diapers on a whim with my second child while expecting my third. I started out on my own with the major corporate brand BG and it went well for for the few months. Then I had ammonia smell coming from them, this page helped me learn a proper wash routine along with how to strip and bleach. It’s my go to reference when I need help making sure my diapers are safe for the littles. I also learned that I can use mainstream detergent, not just Country Save, which will save me $$$. I have confidently now expanded my stash with WAHM diapers too.

  4. shannon

    Fluff love has helped me from the CD beginning in our family. I now know how to wash properly and know what detergents are CD safe. Thank you Fluffloveuniversity

    1. Melissa Aguayo

      I would be so lost if it wasn’t for Fluff Love!! From finding the right detergent to figuring out a good wash routine plus different styles of folding and brands of diapers, FL has been an incredible guide to what can be an overwhelming endeavor.

  5. Megan Griffin

    the graphics on stripping and bleaching made the process so simple for me (and I never knew to bleach after stripping!) my diapers smell wonderful and we have no leaks and I tell everyone to join this group, and share those graphics everywhere. Thank you FL&CDS!

  6. Becca Roberts

    I have been cloth diapering for 4 months now. I was so afraid to use cloth before I found fluff love. They took something that seemed so difficult, time consuming and scary into something easy and understandable. I have done a strip and bleach soak on some preloved prefolds and covers and it went smoothly with no issues. The directions on the site and group are easy to follow and actually work. I have followed the wash routine suggested by this page since day one and have had no issues! Thank you fluff love! Without your suggestions I think my fluff would have been done for!

  7. Stephanie

    My little is 2 and we are about to have a second soon. We have had pretty bad leak issues and lots of conflicting, bad advice. Now, thanks to a strip and bleach and adding borax to my hard water we’re ok and looking forward to cloth for #2!

  8. Sharessa Isabell

    Fluff Love gave me all the confidence to cloth diaper full time with my little girl who was having an awful time with rashes while in disposables. Also helped me to find a great wash routine right from the start! Don’t know what I’d do without you guys! <3

  9. Aimee Lauder

    We moved to a new area a couple years ago and had our second baby a few months later. Once she was big enough I pulled out all our pocket diapers from baby #1 and after just a couple weeks, they were ALL leaking. Every single time, as soon as she wet them – they were useless. I tried every kind of strip I could find information on, I talked to many moms, consulted many CD communities online – and nothing at all worked. I was so upset and finally just put them away and switched to fitteds. When I found the FL&CDS group and read how fool-proof their strip and bleach method was, I had to try it. I pulled the pockets back out, followed the instructions, and held my breath as we tried out the first diaper. They ALL worked! NO more leaks! If anyone could see just how many things I tried previous to this, they would agree it’s a miracle! I love our fitteds now and wanted to keep using them, but thanks to this page and the admins, I was able to give a fully functional stash to a mama who needed one. Thank you!

  10. Jessie Ames

    FL&CD Science helped me correct my diaper wash routine. We were washing per the instructions given to me via friends and another CD page. Turns out, I was doing it wrong! We were doing a hot wash all around both with & without soap. I had no idea that was wrong! My daughter had a horrible, horrible rash that basically turned her into mince meat. To ensure that she wouldn’t get the rash back, FL&CD Science helped me correctly strip and bleach my diapers. I’m so thankful! My daughter’s bottom is thankful! Thank you so much FL&CD Science!!!

  11. Sarah Fischbach

    I was lucky enough to discover Fluff Love right before I started cloth diapering. With the help of this website and FB group, I’ve stripped and bleached my first set of preloved cloth and have figured out a wash routine so hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing right from the start!

  12. Amanda PK

    Fluff Love helped me fix my wash routine! I have not stripped (my diapers, you cheeky monkey!) in over three months. No barnyard stink and a happy baby!

  13. Lexie Hanks

    Fluff love has taught me so much! I was an innocent Charlie’s user before I found the page and was making everything more difficult that it needed to be (not drying in the dryer). Fluff love helped me find a proper wash routine and now we’re Tide loving fluffy bums over here! It’s amazing to have clean diapers that smell good.

  14. Vanessa Dunn

    Fluff Love and Cloth Diaper Science has been SUCH a blessing in disguise. A girl I met during a diaper trade happened to add me to the FL&CDS Facebook page. & I was SHOCKED that I was struggling so hard with cloth diapering strictly because I was misinformed! My wash routine was a hot mess with so many no-no’s. Battling barnyard smell was exhausting and had me ready to give up at any second. Then FL&CDS came to the rescue!!! The amazing admins from the Facebook page helped me get my wash routine in check, helped me find a perfect nighttime combination, and gave me a place to share my precious fluffy booty pictures that people from my regular Facebook feed just wouldn’t appreciate! The Fluff Love University website provided so many answers to my questions & was very helpful with simple things such as cloth diaper lingo. I cannot thank all of the Fluff Love ladies enough for not only the help, but the support as well! Here’s to a wonderful 2015… A year with many perfect (clean) fluffy booties and happy moms! 🙂

  15. Kacee Hileman

    Fluff Love& Cloth Diaper Science has given me the confidence to cloth diaper my son due in April and do it the right way! I have read and read and listened and listened and just joining the fb page I have seen testimonies on how half of what I read will ruin my precious diapers…. not only am I now sure I know what to buy, how to use it, how to clean it, & why I’m doing so BUT it has also allowed me the confidence of having a team of admins behind me through the journey as I need help! I’m so thankful & even more excited (:

  16. Bree Erickson

    I had some very dingy, stinky pockets that were causing ammonia burns from iron hard water and weak detergent. After a strip and bleach they look and smell amazing! I now have my routine perfected and we couldn’t be happier! Thank you FLCDS!

  17. Melissa Estrada

    When cloth diapering the twins I was using all the other advice. Homemade detergent, a million rinses, and u wondered why my freshly laundered dipes smelled nasty right off the line. When they started daycare I boxed up the diapers. With my last child I found this site and I have to say I love having great smelling diapers on his bum. Thank you Fluff Love & CD Science.

  18. Cassandra

    I’m not sure if I would have been successful if I hadn’t joined this group! I followed this page to strip, get a correct fit, a correct detergent, good smelling diapers without using fabric softeners, correct water levels, tricks for extra absorbency and night time diapering, cloth wipes tricks and probably more! Thank you for making such a wonderful page!! It sure has saved me money!

  19. Lacey Main

    I learned that bleach is necessary for used diapers. I used CD with my first son and learned that my wash routine was not sufficient and that hard water makes a difference. So this time, as I prepare my stash for my second son, I’m starting with a clean, sanitized stash thanks to Fluff Love! I’m hoping to not have the ammonia burns I had last time and be super successful as I will be starting with CD sooner with this babe!

  20. Heather Nichole Bell

    Fluff Love saved me from the homemade detergent I was using. They taught me about stripping my diapers (and anything else, lol) and gave me the confidence to bleach my diapers. I tested my water and realized it was hard. Their advice changed they way we wash our diapers., and I know or boys are in clean diapers now!

  21. Amanda Jo Visser

    The biggest thing stopping me from using cloth for so long was cleaning them. I never thought they would ever be really clean-after all they’re diapers. But after reading your cleaning cloth diapers file & seeing how simple it should be (just treat it like the laundry it is) I jumped in with both feet. I now have my 12 mo old and my 2.5 yr old in cloth full time (going on 3 months) and actually enjoy doing diaper laundry and restuffing the pockets. We’ve had no rashes, stink issues or absorbancy issues 😀 God Bless you ladies (& Tide) 🙂

  22. Renee Salyers

    I am a mother to four boys (3 months -6yo). I just got interested in cloth diapers. It took a chat on fluff love on fb to fully commit to cloth! And I’m so glad I did! I love it! Fluff love has helped me with stripping and bleach soaking along with ensuring I am doing a proper wash! When I first got the cloth diapers my son was getting horrible rashes. Now he’s not! Yay! Thanks! Super obsessed with cloth now!

  23. Kara Piehl

    You guys have taught me the importance of a good washing routine and busted all the false teachings. Thank you!

  24. Tabitha Irwin

    I wouldn’t be where I am cloth diapering my daughter today if it wasn’t for this group, honestly! I was beyond ready to give up. My daughter had rashes that wouldn’t go away and my diapers had an awful odor even after a recent strip. I had an amazing admin walk me through a proper wash routine and my daughters diapers have been perfect ever since! Our water is horrible. Its very hard with lots of iron. Our softener is not much help. She took the time to explain everything. I am forever greatful to this amazing group!

  25. Cora L

    i love fluff love!! I did a lot of research before baby’s birth and found regular detergent should be fine but I was using a ton of water!! And they started to mold… It was not pretty! Well I don’t do mold so I bleached the diapers in a ton of bleach, and even pored some straight on the inserts. Mold was gone! And then it came back…. But I found fluff love and cloth diaper science!! I bleach soaked, switched to tide, started adding a water softener, and changed my routine. they smell amazing and no more mold!!!

    Ps. I meet a lady today at the hair salon who cloth diapers, and she was already apart of the group!!

  26. Emily Miller

    my baby has serious sensitive skin disposable diapers gave her a red bum. 🙁 switching to cloth for us was a success- no more rashes! FL gave us great advice from the start! Using a good detergent and wash routine to keep the diapers clean! We are going on 6 months with no issues of stink, rashes or stains! Thank you FL admins!

  27. Kayla

    Since I found your website while pregnant, I got all the information I needed before I had to cloth diaper my now 3 month old daughter. I don’t have anything negative to say about my cloth diapering experience since I got all the information I needed from your Facebook files. Yay to clean fluff!

  28. malorie poppy

    After useing a “recommended” (cloth frindly) soap my daughter was getting rashes and the smell was pretty bad. If it wasn’t for fluff love we wouldn’t still be cloth diapering at 14 months and no issues at all. We have even gotten some new to us diapers and bc of the strip and bleach info she hasn’t had any problems.

  29. Shelby Sheene

    Hello, this group helped me so tremendously! My very young daughter presented with a staph infection in her diaper area and I was terrified my entire stash was ruined. They talked me through the proper sanitization steps I would need to do and how to handle it while using the ointments prescribed to her without furthering the hurt on my diapers. I’m happy to report we stuck through it and not once has her staph returned! (meaning we killed it) I’m so thankful that they knew how to properly clean diapers and weren’t afraid to do things the right way, for my baby’s and my diaper’s health!

    Thank you!!
    Shelby Sheene

  30. Nicky

    I’m from NZ, so we can’t get Tide or other recommended detergents here. The first 6 months of my cloth journey was… well, interesting… I had resigned myself to a strip wash every month being the norm. This was confirmed by various sources online. I then discovered the admins of this page on another page before the creation of Fluff Love. I learnt that with proper detergent you don’t need to strip so went and tried over 30 different ones available here. No luck. I then found through the website that of all 47 detergents available in NZ they only recommend one! One! I immediately switched to Persil Ultimate and haven’t looked back. My little guy will be 2 next month and I haven’t had to strip or anything since.

    1. Shannon Unka

      Im from nz also. Have just switched to standard Persil. Did you find that only Persil ultimate worked well for you? Do you know if you have hard water or soft water? Many thanks!!

  31. Tiffany Morrow

    I was very fortunate to have found this group when I first started buying cloth diapers. It was a step by step process that you all helped me with. Everything from stripping, bleaching and washing my diapers is perfect because of all the wonderful ladies in this group. I’ve been a member for about 3 months and there are times when I still have questions. But given the amount of people in the group, my questions are always answered in a timely manner. I have no complaints and I always recommend this group when I can. Thank you for all the hard work you all have put into this group. My son thanks you all as well. 😉

  32. Krista Rosales

    FLCDS has helped me IMMENSELY. I started with Ecos. PFFT. Moved my way to foca, and now on to Apple mango tango gain.

    We have been using cloth for 4 months. First baby, most hand me downs. I can’t even think where to begin… Routines approved by admins, made it thru yeast once, hardness test and a re approval of routines. We had a washer go out and it was going to be $300 to fix it. I bought a small washer to replace it, and they helped with our wash routine while we saved up for another awesome top loader.

    I must say, the biggest help they’ve been is in getting my step mom to get rid of her wet pail. I’m lucky enough to have a step mom that is our daycare provider, but uses her own stash. She religiously follows the FLCDS print outs I give her, and has finally kicked the wet pail!!

    Thanks FLCDS, I love you guys!!!

  33. April Scott

    I was so amazed to find out that after three years of cloth diapering 2 kids that I have been doing my wash routine ALL wrong. I was doing an extra rinse (with hard wayer! Boo!) with not nearly enough detergent. Tricking my machine into giving me extra water (and thus not getting proper agitation). I have been using the expensive bum genius detergent. I have been “stripping” by scrubbing the microfiber inserts with a brush and dish soap… ALL wrong. I have switched to doing it the proper way, adding extra detergent, and Borax to combat the hard water. It has been an amazing difference in cleanliness. I just ordered washing soda and can’t wait to try a proper strip! 🙂

  34. C franz

    I was totally clueless about many things and am now feeling a lot more comfortable with being able to cd when lil man gets here in March. I’m bleaching all my used cd tomorrow and prepping the new stuff after that. 🙂

  35. Ashley Holler

    I used homemade detergent on my first CD child, and she always got burns. I really wanted to try cloth again with my 3rd child, but was afraid it would not work. After finding thus site, I had all the confidence and information to start my journey again! I have to say, diapering this time around has been sooo much more pleasant!

  36. Michelle May

    after two years of cloth diapering my diapers started to staaaank!!! I believed they ths of cloth diapering barely used a Tbsp of Rockin green to clean a load of an average of 18 diapers! (Gross!!) I also use to hate my he machine and blamed it on not enough water=stink, but now I know it was my lack of good detergent and plenty of it!!

    Thankfully, I found this page and several amazing suggestions! Now I love my wash routine! Prewash on cold with 1 scoop tide and Main wash with 2 scoops of tide and an extra rinse. I hang to dry and secretly love to smell my fresh dipes!

  37. Jen

    The Fluff Love methods are helping me prepare for our baby that is arriving in just a couple more weeks. I am so happy to have found a community that cares about having clean diapers and are so helpful in sharing information from their experiences and experiments. Thank you so much!

  38. Jasmine Deem

    thankfully, I’ve never had an issue with my wash routine because I started with tide. But! I am so thankful for this group of ladies whom don’t attack me if I happen to have a question that sounds silly or anything else. You’ve helped me through a lot of ordeals and are super sweet! I’m so happy this group exists. 🙂

  39. Adriana Cavell

    I just did my first strip and bleach, and I cannot believe the results. The inserts are so white and fluffy now. I really enjoy the fact that my diapers no longer stink!

  40. Nicole Ralli

    I was doing it all wrong. Using way too little of a weak detergent, lots of extra rinses and no water softener in our hard water.

    When stink issues arose I tried all the wrong methods to get rid of it, from blue dawn to funk rock.

    This site got me on track with a great wash routine and also helped me trouble shoot my newest additions synthetic material sensitivity.

  41. Jen E

    Love this website. I posted on my local page that I was having problems with my MF inserts. They just didn’t seem as absorbent. They were flat and dingy. A good friend referred me to this page. Well lo and behold, I was using Bum Genius Cloth Diaper “detergent”. A strip, bleach, and a couple washes later, and of course a switch to Tide and I have brand new diapers. The girls on my local page were nice, but passive. No one insisted I not use bum genius, and even if they did, I wouldn’t have believed them because no one said why. I read A LOT of the files. I read a lot of the posts every day and I’m learning something new about cloth every day. THANK YOU for saving my small stash from Baby #1 (who is trying so hard to potty train at 2years 9 months – but still in cloth) so that Baby #2 (now 6 months old) can enjoy them for the next 2 years!

  42. Jamie Stahlbock

    my little boy is 15months old and has been in cloth diapers since 5 days old. We love them, didn’t start to have any stink or leak issues until he turned one years old. I read all the files and got some help from an admin and other mama’s and now we have no issues again!! Thanks to this site and all the great advice. 🙂

  43. Lauren Robins

    FL&CDS helped me tweak my routine and get my diapers clean again after having some stink and one diaper with mold! I wasn’t bulking up my load nor using water softener. So happy a friend suggested this site so my problem was quickly fixed and my baby didn’t have any side effects. I would’ve been lost trying to figure it out on my own. So thankful for the volunteers at FL&CDS that give their time to help mamas out!

  44. Katie Pitt

    I found fluff love before I started CD. I was planning to use homemade ‘detergent’, but this group set me straight and saved me a ton of trouble. We’ve made it to a month with no disposables now and I’m loving it.

  45. Melissa Decroteau

    You guys helped us SO much! After 6 months of doctors and tons of medications we first found cloth. His rashes were gone and I was so happy to never look at disposables again. A short few months later we had our first run in with ammonia. The smell was horrible and the burns on his skin were so sad. I switched detergent around 8 times and it would just keep coming back every 2 months or so. After a year and a million people’s suggestions. I was so lost and confused. Luckily someone finally said “hey join this group!” And I’ve never looked back! You guys were immediately helpful. So nice and answered my million and one questions. Got me a good detergent and fixed my load size. It’s officially been 4 months and no ammonia yet! This is the longest stretch we have gone without it!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  46. Victoria Lynn Srawley

    I was using a tbsp of RnG in lots of water and then an extra rinse and although I wasn’t having any problems I knew after reading everything from fl&cds that I would have problems eventually. I stripped and bleached and went on to using tide powder. Although my diapers seemed much nicer and cleaner I was having trouble with residual suds and still needing an extra rinse. After troubleshooting with a couple admins we ended up switching to gain apple mango tango liquid with borax and the suds issue has improved! We have only been on this for 2 loads now and although it isn’t perfect yet I know that we will get there with the help from this group!!

  47. Monica

    My success story is that we haven’t had any issues because of this group. From the start we have had a solid wash routine with real detergent. Thank you for giving us a solid start to cloth diapering!

  48. Meredith Kenney

    i tried to CD with my son 5 years ago but failed when his diapers leaked constantly. When I had my daughter 9 months ago, I wanted to try again. Through this page I was able to strip the old diapers, switch to the right washing routine and have been happily cding since!!

  49. Zoe Gilfillan

    Thank god for you guys!!!! I’m new to cd and I had no idea even where to start or how to wash or what to buy and I have learned so much!!!

  50. Amanda Terrell

    I was terrified of cloth diapering in the beginning, mainly because I had always been told you had to do like 5 or 6 washes each time with several extra rinses. Not only do I NOT have time for that nonsense, but my husband would NEVER go for it. He is very strict about water and energy usage. Plus, my whole reason to want to cloth diaper is because I despise wasting things (which is why I really really want these unpaper towels!). Thank goodness I found this group, because otherwise, it never would have worked out

  51. Lindsey Glasheen-Crawford

    I was using Tide, but not enough, and doing extra rinses. We got a nasty smell that made my husband want to puke. He might have, actually. Everyone was so helpful! I stripped, used more detergent, and even learned how to wash my washing machine, because it was smelly, too. Now, we are smell-free and my babies’ bums are happy!

  52. Amanda R

    I am so grateful I found your page. I was so overwhelmed by all the information scattered all over the place about cloth diapering. When we started I was using home made laundry soap, had no idea that soft/hard water mattered, thought the need to strip diapers was something I should do often, along with so many other things I was doing wrong. Over the past 3 months I have been able to fully convert our cloth diaper routine. We use a proper detergent & I have tested our water and found it is extremely hard. So now I have a proper wash routine and can sleep at night knowing our cloth diapers are getting the best care possible! I bought CD friendly diaper rash cream just incase my LO gets red( no problems yet) I had NO IDEA I couldn’t use certain ones! Y’all have honestly changed my life and I am so grateful for such a positive and helpful community. I am able to navigate the CD world with a smile on my face and y’all have made it a smooth ride! Thank you so much!

  53. Elizabeth

    I just had my little guy 3 months ago and decided to cloth diaper. This site was recommended to me for support. I have continually looked up things here to answer my questions. Specifically I’ve found help with my wash routine!! Love it!

  54. Caiti Whitman

    Fluff Love gave me that final push I needed to jump into the cloth diaper world and I absolutely love it. You guys helped me get a wash routine and figure out why I having leaking issues. I’m so glad I was referred to this group!! 🙂

  55. Sherrie Allen

    I’m currently a mom of 3 and cooking baby #4! This will be my first baby in cloth diapers because Fluff Love gave me the confidence and plenty if knowledge! I see them on top of every question and concern for troubleshooting laundry routines and advice for the best type of inserts for different ages and heavy wetters. They have made it seem less nasty and terrifying as most people assume cloth diapering is. Can’t wait for baby girl to get here in April!!

  56. Kathy Ortbals

    I had made the decision to start cloth for my 2nd son, who at the time just turned 1yr old, and came across this group thought a friend. it was overwhelming at first but everyone questions and comments helped me to learn about different types of CD’s. I then took it upon myself to research the various brands and determined what would work well for our family. After getting a small stash going I got the confidence from reading the posts and files to begin and begin with a good wash routine. This was difficult for me actually because it was going against what the manufacturers instructions were and i tend to be a follow the rules kind of girl. Now my stash has grown, it’s been a month since we started and I love CD’s. I love that my LO’s diaper rash has gone away. I love that we have reduced the amount of trash we were producing by half. I continue to learn from others and the admins advice. I don’t think i would have had the confidence to dive in had i not learned so much.

  57. Liz

    i was very close to giving up cloth and selling my diapers when I was referred to FLCDS. Thank goodness! My diapers don’t stink anymore and I have a wash routine that works. So thrilled I don’t have to give up cloth diapering!

  58. Elizabeth Dhondt House

    I started out using homemade soap with my laundry and used it with my diapers when I started the cd journey. I learned how horrible homemade was and figured out why we were having ammonia burns and leaks. I stripped and bleached the diapers, learned how to have diaper stew for clean dipes, and have been going clean since then 🙂 I also found my love for Foca detergent and it’s great price!

  59. katie Corlett

    Before this site I knew u wanted to cloth diaper and once I joined I found out how much I didn’t know. I have to get different detergent because we have one that doesn’t work well according to the list of detergents to use. I have found more ways to cloth diaper that can money, which really helps at this time. I also am learning other brands of cloth diapers that I didn’t even know exsiated. Currently I do t cloth diaper our side of the home, we only started last Wednesday, and been gone all weekend but with the face book site I feel.I will be up to full time (except daycare because boss wont let me)

  60. Megan Davis

    I started to get ammonia smell. Followed the instructions on how to treat it, then changed my wash routine and haven’t had any issues since!

  61. Marina

    I’m cloth diapering my third baby, and we recently moved. My wash routine was crazy screwed up, plus I had used Rockin green detergent, and things were stinky. Them I found this page and everything is going great! Thanks so much!

    1. Post
  62. Leah Lewis

    First time cloth mama here. I was having barnyard smell with diapers and had no idea how to fix it. In fact, at first I didn’t even know it was the diapers…I just thought my LO had pee that smelled like rotten vegetables (lol). Thankfully, someone told me about this group and I joined right away. I learned so much about how to clean diapers. The admins really saved my routine and my diapers from our hard water. Now I use 10x the detergent I was regularly using and never follow with an extra rinse! Ever since stripping everything and implementing a new wash routine, I have had no issues and my diapers are always so clean and fresh smelling! I don’t know what I would have done without this group and the helpful admins. Thank you!!!

  63. Kayla

    this site has got me feeling so good about choosing cloth i have learned what brands are great and how they work on top of what inserts work best. i have also learned the way to clean them and I’m feeling very grateful about it!

  64. Carolynne Pouliot

    I started my journey as a full sposie mom who thought it would be “too much” to breastfeed/pump and do cloth while working full time. I found myself running out on expensive diaper runs at the last minute every time. I decided to try cloth and ordered gdiapers and gcloth sand found them leaking all over and difficulty getting the boy parts in the right places so that we wouldn’t leak. I stuck with it, used the gcloths as night doublers and invested in nice prefolds. I learned how to get a perfect fit but found difficulty in showing caregivers how. I stuck with it, invested in wet bags for caregivers. When I found this group, I had 3 babies in diapers but they were getting smelly. I did a strip and bleach according to the files. I ditched my homemade laundry soap and began using gain. I learned how much soap I need to truly clean my diapers and ditched my “extra rinse” – that really saves me time. I love preaching about the benefits of cloth diapering to other moms, talking about the group and the feeling self sufficient (especially drying on the line in the summer). Cloth diapering is so much easier than sposies for me. I love how fresh my diapers are since finding this group and seeing the passion other moms have for something so wonderful. Thanks to the admins for being dedicated to such a great cause (the success of moms and healthy babies).

  65. Rosabelle

    Knock on wood… I have been able to avoid problems by things I have read on this site and keeping things as simple as possible.

  66. Jamie Joyner

    Fluff love helped me figure out my leaking issue with my previously loved diapers! I did a strip and bleach soak according to the files and washed twice with gain detergent (the proper amount lol) and haven’t had an issue since!!!! We have been exclusively In cloth since about 2 months, she is now 6 1/2 months and we haven’t had to buy a single disposable since!!! Thank you fluff love for saving me a lot of frustration!!!!!

  67. Whitney Johannesen

    FL&CDS has helped me keep a great routine with the information given from the start! I was lucky enough to have found this page before starting our cloth diapering journey, so it has been a simple process.

  68. Tracie

    I have been cloth diapering for 9 months and my son has always leaked out of his diapers. I was getting so tired of changing his clothes multiple times a day! Then it got worse when my diapers started to really stink 🙁 the fluff love admins helped me figure out that my wash routine was bad and my detergent was bad. I was using All free and clear a no no. I followed the advice of admins and the files on how to strip and bleach soak my diapers. I have no more stink! AND it was recommended I try flour sack towels for added absorbancy. I did. Now I have no leaks! I was able to put my son in cloth over night with no leaks! So we are now cloth diapering full time!!! I couldn’t be happier

  69. Tara C.

    I thought my wash routine was fine. Then I started reading posts in the fluff love science group. I wasn’t using a water softener and needed to my wash routine wasn’t hot or long enough and I was adding an unnecessary extra rinse. Now I got it down! And no more ‘fresh out of the dryer but wait it smells like pee still!’

  70. Heather H

    Prior to finding FL&CDS I had been playing around with wash cycles on my machine and hadn’t yet decided on one. Shortly after joining someone asked about the same model as mine so I was set! I also learned how to properly strip and found a new detergent.

  71. Karen Collins

    I have learned so much about not only the quality of my water but also just how to clean clothes in general. Thanks to the files, my diapers are clean (after a strip and bleach soak) and I know how to keep them clean. I also fell even more in love with cloth diapers now.

  72. Shelby Fitzpatrick

    I was lucky enough to find FL&CDS before my cloth diaper journey began. However, for two years prior, I had been using ‘homemade detergent’ on all of my clothes. When I started buying diapers for our stash and looking for wash routine recommendations, I was seriously so confused. I registered for bumGenius detergent and intended to follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions on washing. I am so grateful I found FL&CDS before my babe was born! We started using his cloth at 6 weeks old and I can say that for the past 3 weeks, we have had a successful wash routine and a fearless experience with cloth. This group has given me so much confidence and knowledge when it comes to laundering both my clothes and diapers and I am happy to be able to share the knowledge with new mamas who are in the position I used to be in. Thanks FL&CDS admins, you ladies rock!

  73. Amelia

    FL&CDS helped keep me going on my cloth diapering journey. After my initial research into cloth diapering, it felt so neat and so doable. I was excited to start and excited to share what I learned with other people. It shocked me when the response from family and friends was almost entirely negative. They either said it would be too much work or suggested it was gross. I found this group just before my daughter was born and the files settled the doubts these comments had sown about my ability to cloth diaper in a sanitary and healthy way. The members’ comments and stories helped show me that cloth diapering really is not just possible but also enjoyable. This group was the injection of positive energy I needed to remember why I decided cloth was best for my family and the environment.

  74. Rebecca

    I learned that rockin green was not the right thing to wash with and I started washing with tide. I also learned that hard water needs calgon or borax! Thank you for my clean diapers!

  75. Rebecca Croskey

    This site has helped me learn so much and given me a lot of faith in our decision to use cloth. The site and its members make me feel like we have a strong safety net to turn to when things have gone a bit awry! I appreciate reading all of the questions and responses that everyone posts!

  76. serene

    I was using Charlie’s Soap, *gasp* I know, right?! But along with the soap I woukd add a tiny amount of bleach to get the stink out. Well, the bleach wore out some of my diapers and I was still left with the barn yard smell. I found this site and followed the stripping instructions and followed up with Gain and my diapers have never smelled cleaner!!! THANK YOU, I almost gave up cloth!!

  77. lindsey

    When I started cloth I knew nothing. I couldn’t afford expensive cloth diaper detergents so I went with a free abs clear. After a while my diapers began to stink. I went online and read about dawn and stripped my diapers (yikes I know). I found that I was stripping with dawn and bleach every 5 weeks and thought, “this can’t be right!” That’s about the time I found FL&S! I read all thier docs twice and with admin help even beat a nasty yeast rash! I’m happy to say that my diapers smell great after every wash and it’s all thanks to FL&S! Thanks guys!

  78. Liz

    after I learned I had hard water I striped my diapers according with the files and after bleaching and washing my diapers with softener they have NEVER smelled better! I love my diapers even more now! I recommend fluff love to EVERYONE I know that Cloth diapers. Everyone!

  79. April S

    I have wanted to use cloth since grad school, when I randomly researched it while procrastinating. (Dorky, I know.) When I became pregnant a year ago, I was excited to use it on my little. I built a stash and dutifully purchased rockin green, but I was disappointed when every single ebf diaper came out with a stain on it. My little man also had a mild rash if I didn’t use rash creams for his first several weeks. Then I discovered fluff love & cd science. I removed the extra rinse at the end of my routine, added detergent to my prewash, and switched to Tide. Since making these changes, almost all of my staining is gone and the little man has only experiences the occasional very mild rash after having been in a sposie. I’m very thankful I found this group before his diapers developed any serious issues! Yay for clean diapers and healthy baby bottoms!

  80. Adrienne Richards

    i was just starting my cd journey when I found fluff love. I learned how to properly clean my preloved stash and why I should switch from homemade laundry soap to real detergent. When I moved and got a new washing machine they helped me quickly adapt my routine to the new machine. I am 4 months into my cloth diapers now and have been thankful to not have any problems with their advance help.

  81. Shawna P.

    Until I was introduced to this page, I thought I had a good thing going with my diapers. Little did I know, I was doing everything wrong. Too little detergent and a big no no detergent. When the stink started coming, I thought nothing of it. When the stench became unbearable, I figured it was time to do something. Luckily, my son’s childcare provider told me about this group. She even added me! I started reading. The first stripping and bleach rotation I completed was messed us due to a dodo error on my part. So two days later, I re-did EVERYTHING. So far so good with the dipes. Thank you ladies for all of your help through your own personal trial and error!

  82. Frances Hernandez

    I’ve been using cloth for about 3 months now. While I was pregnant i always thought about it but never knew where to start. While doing research I stumbled upon this page and at first was confused by the conflicting information. After reading everything and talking to the so helpful parents I started buying and am now successfully using cloth full time. This page has helped me be confident in my parenting choice and I will be forever grateful. I also did my first strip and bleach yesterday on some used dipes, I can’t wait to use them!

  83. April

    i am so glad that I was added to this page! I have came away with so much stuff!! Washing tops, stripping tips, diaper recommendations, insert tips, leakage solutions! Like I said … So much stuff! Love this page!!

  84. Julie

    I was having serious barnyard and used the files to do a strip and bleach soak. My diapers look and smell awesome.

  85. Tricia S

    I have 2 in cloth right now. I was using country save and an extra rinse with very hard water. After several months, the diapers smelled pretty terrible with every pee and leaked a lot. I found this group and did a strip and bleach, switched to Tide powder and began adding borax and following the wash routine advice. Diapers have been smelling good. I am glad I found this group because I would love, God willing, to have many more children and I think cloth diapers are a wonderful way to save money and care for the environment at the same time.

  86. Kelly beachnau

    I was so intimidated of cloth after I had my son that I thought it was going to be too much work and I’d be arms deep in poop all the time. 14 months later I dove in to fluff land and haven’t looked back. Thanks to this group I’ve learned washing diapers is really no different than washing the rest of the laundry. In fact I look forward to diaper washing day (never thought I’d look forward to laundry!) I love that there is always someone to help no matter how big or small the issue is!

  87. Ashley Kline

    I was using homemade soap and was searching for a fix for the leaks and the barnyard stinks. After a strip and bleach clean, the diapers are working much better.

  88. Mary Ann Zinobile

    I was using “CD safe” detergent and ended up with ammonia burn on my poor baby boy’s bum 🙁 Found Fluff love, stripped, bleached, switched detergent, and corrected my wash routine, now we’re rash-free and have super clean, smell-good diapers!! 🙂 My baby’s bum thanks you!!! 😉

  89. Diana Molina

    I was considering switching to cloth and began to research types of diapers, diaper maintenance, etc. I gab read some info from aa few other sources and felt that perhaps switching to cloth would be too complicated and tedious an endeavour. I then happened upon this page and after reading several dozen posts, and the files I got the confidence to jump right in. II have been using cloth diapers successfully on my fourth child for three weeks! I am happy to report that I have not encountered any problems that I didn’t feel I could handle because this site has given me the education and confidence I need to take on such bumps in the road. I continue to read posts so that I can continue to learn what to avoid on this cloth diaper journey. I honestly feel that if I ruin into any problems, someone on this site can and will help me. The support in this group is also invaluable. I am so grateful to have found this group!

  90. Rudi C

    My husband is military spoof course we moved … Again making me need a new wash routine, and a means to get rid of the inta funk that followed a pee. The admin walked me through a strip, bleach , what settings to use and the amount of detergent. She walked,e through a entirely new routine which is kinda hard seeing as the water systems here are classified so I still need to get my water hardness tested. In the mean time my routine should be solid. Now the baby an potty and I have no clue (unless it’s a stink) until it’s change time. I’m so grateful my friend told me bout this group I feel it will even help me in the future as after googling some of the terms I plan to try family cloth and mama cloth.

  91. Lauren

    I read the files and was able to start my CD experience with all used diapers that were perfectly safe, clean and effective due to buing from families with good wash routines and knowing how to strip, bleach and wash from the start. We have a three week old in nb cloth and we’re loving it!

  92. Amy Palmquist-Schaetzke

    I was using homemade “detergent” that I thought was the correct way to wash diapers. I thought store bought detergent would ruin my diapers. I was using too much water, no detergent, and extra rinses. I did this for nearly 6 months and my diapers stunk. Bad. Even freshly “washed,” they smelled like barnyard. Then I found Fluff Love and CD Science. I read the files and did a strip and soak, then started using tide and calagone. No more smelly diapers! I’m no longer embarrassed of my fluff! Thank you!

  93. sarah meints

    I was always suspicious of the “cloth safe” detergents and only using a tablespoon per load. However, everything online and in cloth diaper stores backed it up and the horror stories of what Tide would do to diapers were terrifying. As a first timer I was overwhelmed with bad advice. I felt liberated finding a group that treats diapers like dirty laundry and after reading the science behind it all, I was confident enough to change my own routine 🙂

  94. Elizabeth Snyder

    I was using “cloth safe” detergent (shutter!) and my LO has a horrible rash. Thanks to a strip, bleach soak, and new wash routine we’re back in business.

  95. Sharon Waxman

    Fluff Love helped me figure out a great wash routine for my prefolds. No one in my family could help but you guys did! Then when I had a run in with yeast, you nailed it again and thankfully have never had a problem since!

  96. Sierra Fischback

    I have super hard water and wasn’t bothering to add Borax until I saw how important it was on FL&CD Science. I was able to start adding it quickly after I started cloth diapering – you saved me from having to strip and bleach and all that icky stuff! THANK YOU!

  97. Madison Pfister Herlan

    I was lucky enough to find this group before my beautiful baby boy was born. I was able to get so much information every aspect of cloth diapering that it have me the confidence to be in cd full time from the very first day. And I’ve had no issues since beginning my cd journey almost 8 weeks ago now.

  98. Deirdra Nelson

    Well first off I would like to thank you guys for taking time to educate us all and setting us up for success in cloth with a effective wash routine and helping us all save money.
    We were using Charlie’s Soap which is known for chemical burns that I’m thankful my baby never got, once I found out about the harmful ingredient, I immediately stopped using it. I just started using it after using BG detergent, after Rockin Green constantly having to strip wasn’t fun, I hated it. Did a strip and bleach soak, started a simple routine with only one rinse, wasting water was really getting expensive in my past routine with 5-6 rinses. Thank you all for saving my baby’s bum and my mind.

  99. Shawna Theobald

    Before Fluff Love, I was using homemade soap on my clothes and diapers. I hadn’t run into any stink issues yet, but my son was getting these painful looking rashes. I know now that they were ammonia burns! I was able to get a good wash routine and haven’t had an issue since. I absolutely love that the advice given here is backed up by science rather than arbitrary warnings and warranties. I now direct everyone to the new website!

  100. Karissa Wheeler

    I had bought used diapers for our first LO bit had not prepped them. A friend requested I add you and read how cloth worked. It opened my eyes to so many scernios that I never would have thought about. I know I am starting out on the right track thanks to you and with the knowledge I have gained, I will be much much more successful!

  101. Anissa

    Thankful to see so many cloth diapering mamas! Helps me keep going when its hard! And of course i got some helpful diaper stripping hints!!! 🙂

  102. Erin Boice

    After trying and failing with cloth diapers and dear daughter number two. We decided to give cloth a second chance. After doing extensive research, posting about getting help with our wash routine, we’ve found the success we were looking for the first go around.

  103. Jennifer Knostman

    I had tried so many different things to get my routine right by listening to advice from other groups. I was told I was using too much detergent. I was told I was using the wrong kind. I was told that I wasn’t doing enough rinse cycles. No matter what I tried, my diapers would stink after awhile and I would have to strip and bleach…AGAIN! Finally I found Fluff Love, read all of the articles, asked a few questions and figured out a clean, safe wash routine for my little girl’s bum! 😀

  104. Angie

    I had just started cloth dispersing our second and was using Rockin’ Green. After reading the files I realized that our poor first had ammonia burns despite us using the recommended “detergent”. I knew we needed to make a change so this didn’t happen again and was thankful for the strip and bleach instructions. TOTALLY amazed at how clean the diapers were and how easy a good wash routine was. I’m a believer – #stripallthethings!

  105. Kyndal Warner

    I was not surr on cloth diapering bevause Iowans sure how to clean them..I had heard so many crazy stories. I found this group and have been doing great. They also helped me with my routine and a bleach soak on preloved diapers. So thank you!

  106. Hannah Nelson

    I’m fairly new still bought some used loves from a local momma and so far have enjoyed it still getting use to my fluff tonight actually is the first night to use so did a change about 2 hours ago so hopefully no problems.. still using disposable when out and about cause my husband is not fond but will do it with help 😉 I enjoy doing things to help my family and finally finding a money saver. I’m also a stay at home mom so little is with me at home 80% of the time ave so far saving about 5 disposables a day.. so glad I finally got on the fluff bandwagon I enjoy soo much

    1. Hannah Nelson

      Also if it wasn’t for fluff love university I’d be lost I look up wash strip nd bleach all the time to make sure I do it correctly until I have it memorized thank yall so much for the wonderful breakdown of thing’s! !!!

  107. Amber B

    i was using Tiny Bubbles because it had been recommended to me. I hadn’t had issues yet but found this group before it got to that. I did a strip and bleach soak or this groups instructions since my dipes had been pre-loved. My wash routine stayed the same just new detergent. I do a quick wash cold with line 1 Tide Ultra and then heavy duty wash line 3 Tide Ultra. So far so good! They smell great!!! Thanks for all of the info!

  108. Chelsia Ortiz

    I have very soft water. I didn’t know that at first, and I was using a strong detergent and oxyclean. My diapers weren’t coming out right! They weren’t rinsing well enough. Fluff love gave me information on detergents,and come to find out the one I was using contained water softeners! My water has a rating of only 6ppm for harness. I looked in the files and found that gain is best for our water. I did a strip based on files here, bleached, and started using gain. Now I could sit and smell my diapers for hours, and I’ve got no rinsing issues!

  109. Samantha D

    This site helped me properly strip my diapers and through reading other posts i was able to realize what I was doing wrong without having to wait for it to really go wrong. I am done with cd for my twins as they are now potty trained but I am looking forward to cd any future little snow that I know that what I am doing works.

  110. Lisa

    I thought washing diapers had time be so complicated, I wouldn’t even let my husband do it. Now I know he can handle it, and guess what- he had been telling me that they need more detergent to really clean them and he was right all along. Guess who is doing diapers now!

  111. Kelly

    I was so worried before I found the FL/CD files. I was constantly wondering what diaper creams I could use, which detergent/wash routine, and whether I was doing it right. I literally breathed a sigh of relief when I started reading the files. It reassured me my routines weren’t ticking timebombs, and that it would all be ok!

  112. Keri

    Still helping me with my success story – I am currently switching detergents to deal with my st ink issues – going to do a strip here soon as well with all the helpful info on this page 🙂

  113. Marissa

    I have been cd since 2000. I got a lot of new info on how to take care of my cds and how to make some of my own. I also love the support we get from every one thank u sooo much 🙂

  114. Sarah Ring

    We struggled for months with barnyard stink and ammonia issues. I was on the phone wth a certain diaper company multiple times a week trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I found this group and after about a month and a half of crazy trouble shooting, and you guys saved my baby’s bottom!! We are rash free, stink free, and happy as can be! Thank you Fluff love. We are never looking back.

  115. Andrea

    When I first started using cloth, I was using All F&C at 1 line with extra washes as told by another CDing momma. I was getting discouraged because they were still dirty and stinky. I came across this site one day and started reading the files. Mind. Blown. I couldn’t believe I was doing pretty much the opposite from detergent and amount to extra rinses with our hard water! So my next wash I tried some Tide and I was amazed that my diapers looked so white! All the stains that were there before were gone and I could not stop smelling them! I them did my first strip since I had pre loved diapers and added borax and a pre wash and my diapers have never been better!

  116. Stephanie Ross

    i have just started cloth diapering, my DS is 17 months so I am hoping to learn tips and tricks of the trade 🙂 glad to have found this group!

  117. Cescha

    As a mom of twins we were spending a hefty amount on disposables each month. I starting researching and bought lots of preloved diapers to try out to find what woukd work best for us. While I was waiting on my diapers to get to me I starting researching how to wash and care for them. I was overwhelmed at the thought of having to always purchase expensive cloth diaper safe detergents and have them shipped to us since we can’t buy locally. Thank goodness I came across your Facebook page and website. By the time my diapers got to me I was armed with the ingredients and knowledge to strip them, bleach soak them and wash them properly. I can only imagine the headaches I saved myself. I’m positive fluff love has helped me not give up and saved me from the many problems I hear others having. I’m just thankful I found them before I started. Now I have a great wash routine and we are cloth diapering our twins trouble free, with great smelling and squeaky clean diapers to boost. 🙂 Saving money, helping the environment and putting cloth on our babies bums has been much easier than we thought. Thanks for getting us on the right track!

  118. Abi

    I planned to CD with my first babe (now 6 months) but when i started looking it was all so overwhelming! What does it all mean?!?! Between fancy soaps, expensive name brand diapers and complicated wash routines we ended up using disposables for the first 4 months out of shear fear and confusion.
    After being referred to Fluff Love by a CD Pro I studied, stripped, bleached, washed and explained it all to my husband like i had been doing it for years.
    It’s so simple once you get pointed in the right direction, thanks for helping us make the switch trouble free!

  119. Valerie Pekins

    theres nothing in this group that has steered me in the wrong direction. I can honestly say our diapers are the greatest ever and I have had no problems in a long long time.

  120. Jessica Dougherty

    we were having issues with ammonia burn and the lovely ladies walked me through how to do a strip and talked about using calgon…yay SO much better and my little one is not suffering with burn rashes and we’re not buying sposies!!

  121. Agnesa George

    my life before starting cloth diapers was really the poo. My little guy was 3 months, and my biggest fear throughout the day was constantly wondering if I was gunna have another blow out. I have tried every diaper, every method. Nothing worked. Then a friend helped me understand cloth diapering, pointed me to fluff love fb page. And then that’s when it happened…my obsession with cloth diapers began! I started with reading the files, orders some bum genius and flips! And learned how to properly was, bleach and strip my used diapers! My little guy is 6 months now, I’ve been blowout free for 3 months. My life has never the same, for the better!

  122. Jamie Whitney

    When I was looking into starting cloth all the horror stories of stink and rashes scared me into almost not doing it. After reading through all the easy to follow info from fluff love I was able to start a simple effective wash routine and have been using cloth with no trouble for over 7 months! Thanks Ladies!

  123. Brittani Harris

    I was getting ready to give up an my Tide F&G detergent and switch to something I was allergic to just so my diapers would be clean. This group helped me get rid of the stink in my diapers and helped me with a routine that let me still use the Tide F&G. I love putting my face in my clean diapers now!

  124. Teresa Madsen

    I cloth diapered my first son a few years ago, but I feel so much more confident going into the next round with my 2nd son, due in March, since I’ve found this page. I’ll be stripping and bleaching the old ones and establishing a totally new (and I think much simpler) wash routine based on the advice here.

  125. Erin

    I’ve been cloth diapering over 6 years almost problem free but was ready to use disposables for night time, the stench of ammonia on my son’s poor bum wasn’t worth it. I did an overnight strip in the tub, now he uses 1 nighttime fitted without the extra bulk of an extra 2-3 liners (I thought he was peeing more at night & needed more liners).

  126. Haley Keith

    Well here we go, before finding this site I was desperate and confused to say the least. I had no idea where to start when it came to cloth diapering but it was my only option because we simply can’t afford to buy sposies. All of my family and friends have been less than enthusiastic about our cloth choice and completely unsupportive. Until I found this group I was thinking about giving up before I even started. I have taken cloth head on and even hand wash/line dry (no washer or dryer). People have even offered to supply sposies for us and with the help of you ladies I can politely decline with confidence! I can’t thank you enough! You ladies rock!!!

  127. Deana Thomasson

    I was having leaking problems for many weeks and my diapers were not getting cleaned. The site showed me how to strip and the admins helped with a new wash routine, which allowed me to once again have clean, unleaking diapers! Before this I was very close to giving up cloth diapering!

  128. Beth Doyle

    I had the most absurd and ridiculous wash routine (wash on bulky items, with 2-3 wet towels, rinse 3 times, add water to machine, add more towels, add a cup of vinegar, rinse 3 more times etc) and followed basically every myth about HE washers. I even stripped with Dawn in the washing machine at least 8 times. My diapers had a bad ammonia smell and were repelling really badly. I almost quit CD’ing. It was so hard and complicated and the diapers smelled bad and were leaking. Fluff Love and CD Science (and Fluff Love University) helped me strip properly, and get a wash routine that works and is so simple my husband can do it. I tell everyone about this amazing group and website! Thank you!!!

  129. Katie

    I’m new to cloth diapers and I am so thrilled to know that I have a place to ask questions and not feel like everyone else has this overwhelming process figured out except me without a second guess. I was helped figuring my wash routine while my dipes were still in the mail! It made me feel like I wouldn’t drop a bunch of money on these just to want my disposables back! Thanks

  130. Cheryl Holden

    Finding the group on FB and following along the different posts has given me a thorough education on laundering science. I’m due with my 1st in just two weeks, so I stripped EVERYTHING for baby that was bought used or in GUC that was given to us. I am still floored by the icky water that comes from stripping “clean” fabric. I love doing laundry now, and I’m not terrified of using cloth diapers when baby finally comes.

  131. Beverly H

    The Diapering Hell of 2014

    In the beginning, most of my research was on The Internet and asking questions of my mother-in-law (who CD’d my hubby). I was skeptical about the claims of CD-safe detergents and figured that if I had problems with Tide, I could switch later. For the record, my mother-in-law used whatever mainstream detergent was on sale and in her laundry room! In September 2013, we started diapering our newborn in cloth.

    In January 2014, we acquired a front-loading HE machine. In February, we were fighting yeast. I scoured The Internet for advice. I tried 20 expensive drops Grapefruit Seed Extract, 10 drops Tea Tree Oil, and I timidly tried a little bit of Dawn in my new machine – it didn’t work. (Grateful the machine is okay too!) Bleach was a four-lettered word everywhere I looked – it’ll ruin your diapers! – so with hesitation, I bleached a tiny bit (maybe two teaspoons). That didn’t work. I scoured The Internet more. I couldn’t find anything else. In desperation, figuring that I’d have to go to disposables anyway if I can’t beat the yeast, I bleached them well. It worked! That was the end of February.

    In the middle of March, a rash that wouldn’t quit appeared. A week later, the barnyard smell appeared. I tried 1/2C bleach in the wash. I washed and washed and rinsed and rinsed (based on advice by a local CD leader) and while the smell would then disappear, it would return at the next wash with a vengeance. Somewhere along the way, I read on The Internet that barnyard smell is the result of mineral buildup and the website recommended adding RLR to the wash. My municipality confirmed we have hard water and I happened to have some RLR. I tossed the RLR into the wash. The smell went away! That was the end of July.

    In the middle of August, ammonia reared it’s ugly head. I wanted to tear my hair out. I bleached. It came back. I blazed The Internet again, wondering why nobody told me cloth diapering was this difficult, but I was determined to make it work. I stumbled upon Rockin’ Green and thought, “detergent specifically formulated for hard water sounds pretty logical. Oh! They also have a product specifically for getting rid of ammonia!” I hunted down Rockin’ Green’s Hard Rock detergent and Funk Rock ammonia bouncer locally, because I didn’t want to wait for it to ship. I soaked everything in Funk Rock before washing in Hard Rock. The ammonia rash disappeared. That was the end of August.

    Then I found this group, less than three days later. I had just started a new routine of using Hard Rock (just one load of diapers), but once I read here that it wasn’t recommended, I switched back to Tide and started adding Borax in a heartbeat. Soon, I started smelling an indeterminable odor after washing, but when I sniffed up close, there was nothing I detected. With the guidance of Laura M., I went ahead and soaked in RLR. The water didn’t look gross afterwards, but the results were noticeable. The microfiber actually felt closer to new microfiber – that irritating clingy feeling, like it’s getting into the grooves of your fingerprints. Given the success with the RLR strip, even after soaking in Funk Rock not long before, I find it questionable whether the Funk Rock really got rid of the ammonia or just put a bandaid on it.

    With guidance from Laura, I tweaked my routine over the month of September. I’ve been problem-free for a full three months now and I’ll never look back! Given that I fought problems back-to-back from February to August (7 months!!), it is such a weight off my shoulders not to worry about whether the diaper is going to give my baby a rash, stink, or even whether the bleach is going to ruin my diapers. I don’t worry anymore! I can handle “what’s next.” I’ve got an awesome resource to help me out, with science!

  132. Katie

    I tried CDing with #2, but had leaks and no idea what to do or where to turn. With #3, I found Fluff Love a couple of months into it and having used Charlie’s Soap for a few months. We were getting ammonia issues and I was so worried! But now, no issues and exclusively CDing!! Thank you!

  133. Esther Bouchillon

    I already knew that tide was good to use with hard water but I was having stink issues from only using a small amount. This group gave me the confidence to try a full scoop and by reading the files I was able to change my wash routine from 3 different wash cycles to two and cut time off of how long it took to wash diapers in my HE machine. I’m so glad I don’t have to make 5 trips to the basement where the washer is just to have clean diapers anymore.

  134. Laura

    I was timid and unsure but knew I had to use cloth for budget reasons. A rash began on my LO and a stink that I was sure wasn’t normal. I was using “cloth diaper” detergent and unsure why this was happening. I began looking on Facebook for help and a random stranger recommended fluff love! I came and read all the files and watched all the videos posted and just with that info changed my detergent and wash routine! My cloth smells great, no rash, and I feel like my knowledge has tripled from this group! Thank you!!

  135. Danielle

    My baby hasn’t been born yet, but this group has helped me to see what a benefit cloth diapering will be for my child and give me a little confidence to fight off the naysayers that tell me I won’t make it past the first week!

  136. Nykole

    Newbie here! Referred from another forum when asking about what detergent to buy. Came and found out I had it all wrong and now i get to save money on the mainstream stuff! I’m excited and happy to be here!

  137. Mandi Wickey

    Thought about using cloth while pregnant but then decided against it. Someone told me about fluff love and now I have been using cloth for about two weeks on my 3 1/2 month old. I love it. Thanks to fluff love I have an admin approved wash and i have watched the videos on how to properly put on a diaper which really helped! Thank you ladies for all the work and time you put in!

  138. Erica

    After using rockin green my bgs were full of mold. I didn’t realize how much mold until doing the suggested bleach soak when u turned them inside out it was awful. Switched to a normal detergent and no more mold!

  139. Ashley heilemann

    Before Fluff love I wasn’t comfortable using preloved diapers. Now I am because I know they’re clean!! I was also using homemade ‘detergent’. Now it’s so awesome because I know I can just use the same detergent for everything 🙂

  140. Michelle kolarczyk

    When I had my first child four years ago I was single and did cloth out of necessity. I loved it, but my diapers always smelled so bad once soiled! I used charlies soap, and did tons of “strips” but it never fixed them. My daycare hated how stinky they were and one employee brought diapers in to put on my son while he was there. They eventually closed, and one employee said she’d take my son and watch him in her home, but wouldn’t use cloth. I obliged so that my son could be with someone who’d been taking care of him since he was 6 weeks old. Fast forward to now, I have married and have a baby girl. She’s 3 months old and the diapers smelled so bad! My husband is on board with cloth, but the stink is horrendous! I found FLCDS and read the files, asked a few questions, stripped and bleached and have a new routine without having to change detergents! (Not using charlies anymore, but due to sensitive skin Arm & hammer sensitive). No more stinks! I’m so happy, and relieved, as I now am a SAHM I didn’t want to put more pressure on the budget to buy sposies. I’m so greatful, all the admins and other members have been so helpful! I love reading the questions and helping out new members, even if it’s just to direct them to the files to read through.

  141. jalana

    I had tried a variety of methods found online to fix my problem (super stinky as soon as baby peed ) it was so frustrating! then i found your Facebook group. stripped and bleached, and no more stink! yay!

  142. Whitney

    I was using Charlie’s and had untreated hard water. I didn’t know the problems that could cause. I know better know, thanks to Fluff Love!

  143. Nikell Willden

    I have been using cloth for over a year now! Everything was going great and then we moved! 🙁 switched washers and didn’t realize how bad our hard water was here! Thanks to all the files you guys have I just did my first strip and bleach soak! Hoping this helps with the smell and build up! 🙂

  144. Julia Jennex

    I thought I had everything figured out and that stripping was just part of the package. I came across Fluff Love University and CD Science and was absolutely amazed at how painfully green I was. I was using 1/3 the detergent I should have been using in my soupy loads and had been skipping an extra rinse because I was SO sure I had hard water. I don’t. After testing I’m pretty sure water doesn’t get any softer than mine.
    So I ditched the useless free and clear, switched back to my favorite (Gain AMT anyone?) and started adding two towels to my loads. Not only are my diapers finally clean, but I know I have a supportive community of cloth veterans with much more know-how to fall back on if I manage to complicate things again. Thanks Fluff Love University!

  145. Angela Dugan

    FLCDS gave me the confidence that I could buy and properly strip/bleach second hand dipes to save myself some money! Not to mention that my diaper laundry smells amazing now and I know what I am doing is backed by research.

  146. Diana Louise

    From day one I had a love hate relationship with my diapers. A friend helped me get started and taught me how to wash with CD safe, or homemade detergent. Within three months my diapers had stink that never went away. I was even rinsing pee diapers before putting them in the pail. I didn’t’ realize how much washing my diapers stressed me out till I bumped into fluff love. Using “CD” safe detergents never ever made sense to me but I didn’t know where else to go to figure out what was the right thing to do. Since switching up my wash routine I’m no longer stressed, my diapers don’t stink anymore! I also did a strip on some preloved diapers and was amazed at how well they cleaned up! Before fluff love had never heard of such a thing!

  147. Aimee

    I live in a very small town where cloth diapering is uncommon. With all of the different information readily available on the Internet, I was becoming frustrated and confused with how to properly care for them. A nice mama on Facebook pointed me to this website, and I am so glad she did! Our washing routine is simplified, our diapers are clean, and we are all incredibly happy! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and help! I know we would have thrown in the towel before now if it weren’t for your help!

  148. Jennifer

    Dear Administration,

    We were blessed with the arrival of our baby girl Tuesday, December 23! We started using cloth when we came home from the hospital on Christmas day. We are first time parents and first time cloth users.

    I read your files for the few months leading up to her birth and prepared all our previously loved diapers and new diapers accordingly. We have been washing all her cloth diapers following your incredible instructions ( even Daddy can do changes and washes cause it is so easy!) and all diapers are coming out clean and stain free!

    We are so excited to be using cloth and so grateful for all your hard work to make these files for us to read and follow!!!

    Thank you so very much for everything !!!!

    Arden’s Mommy

  149. Trailmixy Melanie

    I have found this site and group to be very useful. The stripping directions and photos have been hugely helpful. I also loved the information on things like co-ops and such. I have actually realized that after cloth diapering 2 children, I could have been doing a better job with the washing routine. This time around I think I’ll get it! 🙂

    These unpaper towels are awesome and would make the perfect addition to our green-living home.

  150. Tara Schmehr

    Before I found FL&CDS, I was new to cloth, using bumgenius detergent, afraid of the dryer, and frustrated with cloth. With my son, we used sposies. We lived in an apartment with no easy access to a washer and no way to do the extra laundry. I barely got the clothes washed regularly! I started with sposies on my girl, because that’s what I knew, but I was curious about cloth, finding a deal on trend labs diapers (which are horrible and no longer in my rotation, btw!). So I was sad when it wasn’t working out for us. Then I found this site to help me actually get clean diapers! FL saved my cloth!

  151. Jacki Minner

    I thought I knew what I was doing and cloth diapered my first daughter for 2.5 years. When my 5 month started having a redness, I knew something was wrong and went looking for answers. I found Fluff Love University by someone mentioning ammonia burn from Charlie’s soap and to read up on your files. Somehow I knew this was the problem and immediately started reading. I feel so bad for using the detergent that is supposed to be labeled as CD safe and hurt my little one. Thank you for your help and education!

  152. Katie

    i had just started cd. I had only washed my diapes 3 times and they already were smelling like a skunk every time he peed! Ewwwww. I was using the wrong detergent (all), not enough detergent, and I was making my routine wayyyy more difficult them it needed to be! We are so much happier with our 2 step system and non stinky bum!

  153. Brooke Crook

    I started cloth diapering my now 4 year old from 6 months old until age 2, when she potty trained. I recently started using her stash (plus 100 more that I accumulated due to obsession!) for our new son, who is now 3 months old. With her, I washed in a top loading commercial (laundromat) washer with homemade laundry soap- with Ivory grated soap in it! I washed every three days.
    They leaked forever and I just dealt with it because I hated that we couldn’t have our own washer and dryer at our apartment and because I simply didn’t know there was a resource that could help!
    Soon after starting with our son, they all started stinking. After one pee, we had sweet barnyard smell and he had an ammonia burn from the leg band. We stopped and switched to disposables as we moved into our new home (finally!).
    A week ago we moved in and bought a new top loader W&D; I found the Fluff Love & CD Science page, and I stripped my diapers! I switched my detergent! I did a great strip on all 120 of my diapers- it took all day but I have no stains, brighter colors, softer fabrics, and they smell wonderful- for the first time since purchase! We are now using this amazing setting called PREWASH (ahhh, settings!), and using Tide Ultra and Calgon, as we have hard water. Without FLCDS, I would have not know any of this. I was so annoyed with my leaks, stink, soaks, and trouble- now i can enjoy cloth diapering like I did back when I started with my daughter- 2 years ago

  154. Sam Thurman

    We started out using Charlie’s Soap, as per the rec of our local cloth store. Baby boy had a persistent rash, so I did some research and switched to Tide free and gentle after just 2 weeks. Shortly after I made the switch I found FLCDS, adjusted our water level and added borax. Now we’re 10 months into cloth and, because we found a good routine so early, have NEVER needed to strip or bleach.

  155. Lela Beauchene

    I started CD with my 3rd baby around 1 1/2 months old. I was making many of the classic mistakes- using the wrong detergent, not the right wash cycles, etc. etc. Luckily I found this amazing group shortly into my adventure & was able to learn quite a bit from all of the other posts. I was able to learn that a lot of my laundry issues in general were caused by our hard water. I did a strip & bleach (and then stripped some more LOL), but I was still having some minor ammonia smell coming off the bum & while sitting waiting for wash day. I was able to get help from an admin who has the same machines as me & with her instructions I am pleased to say my diapers smell better than ever! And I just realized that I’m not even having any EBF staining like before!!! I was so overwhelmed starting off with all of the choices in diapers & all of the conflicting information. I’m just glad I know the RIGHT way to do things and my baby’s little booty is fluffy & clean! Thanks admin for the countless hours of research and help you have given us all!!

  156. Gina Peak

    Before I found Fluff Love and CD Science I had actually given up on cloth diapering all together! It had been months since I had used any cloth AT ALL!! When my son was born I loved his fluffy bum so much I started a business making clothes for little ones in cloth. When I had to stop using it because of stink I didn’t want to tell anyone- I was totally embarrassed and felt almost like a fraud. Here I was making and selling clothes for babes in cloth and I didn’t even use it myself?! I was, once again, trying to sell the rest of my stash to get money for disposables when the person who bought several of my inserts sent me a message and told me how clean she had just gotten the inserts. She told me about FLCDS and how to strip my dipes. I thought I would give it one last try. I had been using Country Save for my diapers and they had barnyard funk like you can’t imagine!! I stripped them and did a bleach soak and WOW!!! They didn’t smell awful when my son peed in them for the first time since they were new. I had a couple more bumps after that (not using enough of Purex Naturals in each wash or having a big enough load) but each time it has been fixed easily and I am still using the cloth I love so much! I can’t thank this group of amazing ladies enough. They give up their own time to help so many other mamas out FOR THE LOVE OF CLOTH!!

  157. Danielle Matthews

    I was over washing my diapers and making wash time ao difficult. Thanks to the fluff love admins I have learned proper washing methods and its much faster. We are on week 18 of our cloth diaper journey and so far no stink, burns, or anything else. Thank you!

  158. Tori

    Less than 2 months ago I started researching cloth diapers. When looking and reading there was SO much information out there I just felt completely overloaded. When it came to laundry I asked a friend which cloth safe detergent I should buy…. and she sent me here, where I unlearned all the bad information I had read and soaked up all the wonderful science that this group of women have put together.
    I am now cloth diapering full time and because of this sight I have a great wash routine and beautiful clean diapers! 🙂 Thanks very much!

    Wash routine as follows:

    Pre wash- Light wash on cold with full capfull of xtra
    main wash- heavy duty wash on hot with 2 capfull of xtra

    Dry in dryer on high heat

  159. Anna hauser

    When I first started cloth I bought a special “detergent” that I’d now refer to as a booster 😉 and used very little of it by diapers always looked stained . then I found fluff love :)) now using foca in the right amounts and using a reccomended simple wash routine my diapers are white and clean and smell amazing 🙂 fluff love and CD science saved cloth diapering for me 🙂

  160. maggie esbenshade

    I tried Charlie’s soap, country save, and Allen’s naturally before this page. My son ended up with ammonia burns and we always had barnyard stink. Since switching to tide we have had no issues.

  161. Marissa

    I did all my CD research before baby, and fell for all of those diaper myths! I was using a couple of tablespoons of rockin green and only washing a small load of diapers at a time. I was even adding a wet towel to the wash! After finding Fluff Love of Facebook, I now have an admin approved wash routine, that all seems so ridiculous and my diapers have never been cleaner!

  162. Brigitte Pittman

    I have super hard water and I was having fits trying to get my diapers clean. A friend invited Mr to FL&CDS and I’ve finally got my wash routine sorted! No more all day wash routines and no smelly diapers FTW!

  163. Chloe Carpenter

    I show rabbits and Iv even continuing it for some time now and everything I see a smile on the kids face when I helped I think that’s my success story, thank you.

  164. Adriana Y Hoskins

    I thought I knew how to wash our diapers with our now 3yr old, it wasn’t until we started using cloth with our new baby that I realized something was wrong. He immediately got a red bum from diapers that had been used by his older sister.
    Of course, I soon learned soap nuts that I used with our daughter , were the root of our precious problems, and don’t let me forget the ammonia smell we always had. Oh and I had no idea about hard water! And that all the rinsing was absolutely unnecessary.

    Now we use borax, and tide powder, and no extra rinses — no stink no redness here!!
    Thank you For showing me the way!!

  165. Kay McCoy

    With this group, I found out my wash routine was horrible. Now my routine ROCKS and my dipes are clean with much less work. 🙂

  166. Malinda Crow

    I tried so many different “detergents” and wash routines and my poor son always had a rash. We dealt with yeast and ammonia among other things. I finally found this group and started washing with Tide. What a difference! My daughter (son is now potty trained) almost never gets rashes and my diapers don’t smell like ammonia, even the over-night ones! I now use arm and hammer detergent with no problems!

  167. Laurie

    First time mom, cloth diapers since probably month 2. My story starts at Rockin’ Green, extra rinse and 6 months in ammonia smells. After a move to 7th Gen, dropping the extra rinse, adding rockin green funk rock, fixing water level, doing a strip and 2 separate bleach loads, realizing I had slightly hard water, adding borax, switching to Tide Free & Gentle and finally to Tide Regular. We have a solid, no smell, no leaks. Finally. Just about a year in. I wish I hadn’t taken so long! I still wash clothes in 7th Gen as I HATE the Tide smell, but like my diapers clean! In the end here’s the routine that worked for us: only diapers-large load (stew water level), 1/2 cap Tide in short warm pre-wash, 1 cap Tide in reg. hot wash with 1/2 c borax. Inserts in dryer, hang the diapers to dry. This works (for us) thanks to the many folks here who helped along the way. Now if I could just find A regular unscented Tide!

    1. Post

      If you’re looking for an unscented HE safe powder, consider All Free Clear Powder. I have personally had great success with it 🙂 Just keep in mind we don’t recommend the liquid All, only the powder!

  168. Rachel

    I had a CD nightmare when my 20 year old top loader bit the dust. It turned out to be a blessing because I was reaching an event horizon of frustration after all my diaps had become stained and barnyard-stinky. There is an overwhelming amount of crappy info out there about how to fix it with different detergent/booster/machine setting combos. After getting a new HE set, I consulted FL&CDS to change my wash routine. Simple and scientific, I love it. Just by changing my washer settings (I was already using the recommended amount of Tide) all the stains came out and my diaps smell so fresh I describe them as “yummy.” By reading the posts FL&CDS also built my confidence enough to adventurously add to my stash. I LOVE CD. Thank you!!

  169. Halsey

    4.5 months ago we started this crazy cloth journey. Within weeks, I was discouraged by the smell that remained after washing, but no matter what I did the smell always remained. Less than two hours after joining this group yesterday I was given new wash instructions, a new detergent suggestion, as well as a recommendation to strip and bleach.

    I spent the afternoon with the tub filled with diapers and my husband put everything to dry after the wash cycles last night. This morning, I smell NOTHING! They’re like brand new!

    Thank you so much to everyone for all of the help. It may be silly how excited I am about stink-less diapers, but I’m elated! Admins, you don’t get enough credit! You saved our cloth journey! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  170. Emma

    My husband is a science geek, diapers were never going to be washed in less than effective detergent and amounts. Fluff Love just confirmed what he believed, and the info on stripping and bleach soaks means he’s ok with new to us diapers. We have soft, fluffy, clean diapers and no rashes. I know it works when my husband tosses a fresh from dryer diaper to me and says “Smell it! They smell like clean cotton.” Yes dear, I know.

  171. Taryn Mandrusiak

    After going through lots of your files and you tube videos, I was able to get my twins properly in their fluff without a single leak! I’m so thankful you ladies/gents are such an amazing resource! I think I may even have my wash routine figured out – which is amazing since I was having huge issues listening to the advice from other friends, blog posts/websites and the local CD store.
    We’re still using the stash of disposables at night time. But with this new found confidence hopefully we can get the boys into solely fluff sooner rather than later. Thank you Fluff Love & CD Science!

  172. Mei

    Your files and instruction gave me the confidence to cloth diaper my second child when he was born. I followed the instructions for new and for used diapers we have. It’s been 6 months, and going FANTASTIC! No rash, no stink, no leaking. EVER. My new diapers look as good as the day I bought them. My used diapers look and smell as good as new, and way better than when I got them. I’ve never had to wonder “where’s that rash coming from?” for this baby like I did with my first (used sposies). I haven’t noticed significant increase in utility bills, don’t spend more time doing laundry. The best part is I haven’t had to spend money on diapering IN 6 MONTHS! I would’ve never imagined it’d be this easy before finding this site/group. Thank you!!!

  173. Megan Blazek

    Coming into this group, I felt pretty experienced (through trial and error!) in cloth diapering. I’d gotten some very good advice about detergent, checking water softness, bleaching, and diaper maintenance. However, I was still having ammonia issues every month or so and couldn’t figure out why. That is, until I watched your videos on examples of diaper stew. I want to say a big “thank you” for putting these together! I thought that I was using an appropriate medium sized load and had what appeared like diaper stew after adding a towel, but I had never thought to actually check the level with the spatula (nor would I have known for sure what to check for). It’s such a SIMPLE step in my routine, but it has made a HUGE difference as I have not had ammonia issues one time since this discovery. That was several months ago! I have been cloth diapering for 17 months now, and am so happy with baby#3 coming that i feel very comfortable with cloth. It is no longer an extra stresser, but an easy part of my laundry/baby care. Thanks so much for the practical and effective advice!

  174. Tasha Steele

    Just like to let everyone one know, that this site rocks! I have had such great success with my nappies since becoming a member of this site!
    I had issues with smelly nappies due to a poor wash routine and bam… Explained it to the ladies and gentlemen on here and was a massive problem solved within minutes!
    If you have a question all you have to do it ask! Everyone is so helping and it’s great having help from all different countries!

    Thank you all so much!
    I appreciate it a lot!!

  175. Stacy

    My biggest success was being able to show my husband this site. We son’t know anyone else who cloth diapered and being able to show him a great resource put his mind enough at ease to okay trying cloth!

  176. Kristina King

    I was doing it all wrong! The wrong detergent, not enough detergent, no water softener, and adding an extra rinse. This combination was leaving a rash on my sweet little girl. So after getting some advice on here, getting some new detergent, and then stripping and bleaching all our diapers, we have an easy routine that works for us! And our diapers come out of the wash looking and Snelling great every time. Thanks Fluff Love!

  177. Dawn Augustine

    I bought into the manufacturers cleaning recommendations for cloth diapers, using only the crappy ‘detergent’ they recommended. I hate it and my diapers always smelled like urine, but was so afraid to use mainstream detergents, thinking they would ruin my diapers. I was also gathering all the needed supplies to start making my own detergent! This place saved me from myself and cloth diapers. My diapers have never been so clean. They smell great and using cloth has become a whole lot easier!!! Love FLCDS!!!

  178. Maya

    I was having bad leaking with my one year old awhile back, i had to stop cloth diapering and I had no clue what to do. I was really upset that I couldn’t anymore and I planned on cloth diapering my newborn too. Someone suggested this site and i found out i had hard water, I stripped and bleached and now they work as good as new plus I’m able to cloth diaper my 2month old and almost 2 year old! I’m so greatful I found this site

  179. Renee M

    My biggest success is being able to convince my husband to cloth diaper our first child due very soon. This site has allowed me to draw up a plan for our wash routine which had always been his biggest turn off. I can also say that it has put my mind at ease when I’ve had my own doubts about being able to cloth successfully.

  180. Emily

    I started my cloth diaper journey with preloved cloth. I have followed flcds since the beginning and have never had an issue with my diapers! And because of flcds, I learned how to strip laundry and now….I strip all of the things! 🙂

  181. Jennifer

    I just purchased some cloth to begin my CD journey and found out I have the dreaded Cabrio washers. With the help of FLU and other members of Fluff Love and CD science I was able to strip, bleach soak, and get a proper routine my diapers from the very beginning. 🙂

  182. Miranda

    I was really lucky and had a friend tell me about fl&cds from the very beginning. I was researching thru the files for WEEKS before we started on the bum. My poor husband was so sick of hearing me talk about fluff! But he also told me that he could tell this wasn’t going to be a phase for me and to go ahead with it. I feel very confident with my routine, and love knowing that it’s more than fine to purchase some preloved fluff, because I know I’m going to get it cleaned PROPERLY!

  183. Anna-Melissa Mann

    Before funding this site I was using Rocking Green Funk Rock on our cloth diapers. Everything was going fine until we started solids and I noticed the diapers smelling extremely strong when wet. Being a first time mom and CERAMIC I didn’t think too much of it until my daughter suddenly developed a severe ammonia burn on her bottom. After being recommended this site I was able to find clear instructions on how to resolve this issue as well as learned why it occurred in the first place. I was able to change my wash routine in order to keep any ammonia build up problems at bay, and we haven’t had a bum rash since!

  184. Kelly

    The knowledgable women and men of FLU saved me from the frustration of homemade “detergent.” When my diapers started to smell coming out of the dryer, I found this resource and completely revamped my routine to include proper detergent, a prewash, and no unneccessary rinses. We have been cloth diapering for 11 months now, and have NEVER had stink or a single diaper rash. Even my mom has become a believer, and several of my friends have made the switch to cloth with FLU as their go-to resource. I can’t wait for baby #2 and have two in cloth! It’s been one of the most fun parts of parenting 🙂

  185. Lori

    A girl in the Local Fluff love Facebook group posted links for your page. So while my (at the time) 6 week old was sleeping, I pulled a link up. Next thing I knew it was two hours later! Between this site and the Pinterest boards, I am continuously finding great information and tips! As a newbie, cloth diapering seemed very overwhelming with all of the options, abbreviations, and so on. Having a reliable source to turn to has made the beginning of my journey enjoyable. Though it’s only been 3 weeks of clothing for my family, we are very happy with our choice and it wouldn’t have been possible without this great resource. It’s an on going success that I hope to be a part of years to come.

  186. Skyler

    I’m just starting my CD stash and Fluff Love (and their facebook page) has been so helpful in giving me advice on how to prep and use each of the different kinds of diapers I’ve bought. Thank you!

  187. Kerry Eudy

    I thought I had a good wash routine going, but I started having stink issues and discovered I had hard water. The graphics for the strip and bleach were so easy to follow and an admin helped me set up the perfect wash routine that I haven’t had issues since. I am so thankful that Fluff Love has given me the confidence and support to continue my cloth diapering journey.

  188. Emily Aceituno

    I had no idea where to begin when it came to a wash routine. Fluff love has given me a place to gain so much knowledge not just in regards to washing but fit too. Thank you.

  189. Danielle

    I used to use Rockin’ Green because it was recommended by the cloth diaper company I bought from. But I was getting stink after only a couple of weeks. After looking in Fluff Love, I found a better wash routine and started using Tide. Now I have fresh, clean diapers every time!!

  190. Jodie Crowe

    I’m on baby #3 but this is my first to cloth diaper. I started when he was 4 months (I couldn’t get a good fit on the alvas I had) and I was having serious leak issues. I was asking for help in my mom’s group and one of them told me to turn to Fluff Love. I learned so much in just a couple of days! I learned that FSTs aren’t scary, I learned about some other fit issues I was having, and now we are going on 3 months strong and I’m obsessed with fluff, lol. I was pretty close to giving up, if it weren’t for the help I got at FL&CDS I probably would’ve quit, so thank you!

  191. Rebekah S.

    I had some friends who cloth diapered their kids and they told me: use “this” detergent and wash them in as much water as possible. I wondered if, over time, they stunk and their response was “of course they stink! they’re poop catchers!” So I cringed and started using my cloth diapers when my baby was about 6 weeks old. I didn’t have stink right away (instead I had a lot of leaks because my little man was so skinny and I didn’t realize you could adjust the elastic in my fuzzibunz-duh!) but the smell eventually caught up with me. I reached out to a different friend on FB and HER friend referred me to Fluff love. I spent HOURS on your website, reading everything and clicking on every link and video! I realized I had been given wrong advice and I quickly stripped, bleached and started over with a much better wash routine and much better fit on my little boy. We LOVE cloth diapering and now I’m catching his poops on the potty!
    Thank you for creating the group and thank you for all of your time and effort in helping educate us and set things straight!

  192. Samantha Buckles

    This is my 3rd baby but 1st in cloth. Started cloth diapering when he was 2 months old. The first couple of days in cloth he was already getting a rash. I was so frustrated and upset cause cloth is suppose to be better, not suppose to get a rash. I asked on What to Expect about it and was referred to FL&CDS I was using Country Save, after all my research with cloth diapers this was cloth diaper safe but using 2 tablespoons for dirty laundry did not make sense. One going through the files and realizing I need much more detergent and can use my main laundry detergent and needed more than just one wash. Since getting a FL&CDS approved wash routine I have not had rash or stink problems. So glad I was referred to this site.

  193. Megan Sanchez

    After four months of continuous rashes on my newborn daughter and massive blowouts every single day, I decided to give cloth a go. It was a miracle! The rashes were gone and no more blowouts! I am so happy I made the decision to switch. It’s been a game changer for us. I no longer worry about rashes or my daughter’s clothes being ruined. I love the new community I have found and will never go back to disposables!

  194. Emily King

    This site helped me to decide to cloth diaper and get a nice washing routine down. I definitely don’t regret switching to cloth.

  195. Sarah Anne Colby

    I thought I had it down. I was going to wash with dropps pods, with a gentle cycle. So glad I found your page though. Now we use tide and I actually do a pre wash. It was great. Then I got a he machine that might as well have been a space ship for all I knew how to run it. Thanks to your lovely admins I now have a bullet proof routine and we’ve been using cloth for 6 months 🙂

  196. Kelly Garcia

    I found this site after I had already prepped my cloth, but before my daughter arrived. I had prepped with liquid All F&C. Opps! Thankfully, I fixed everything before LO arrived! I thought I had built a good routine until about a month ago an ammonia smell appeared out of no where. With the help of an admin, I feel confident in what I’m doing now. Thank you so much!

  197. Amanda Elizabeth

    My 2nd daughter was severely sensitive to EVERY single disposable diaper we tried on her. She had a terrible rash for 4 months straight before someone suggested cloth. I was willing to try anything but had no clue where to begin. A close friend pointed me to Fluff Love University and it has been a LIFESAVER! Everything from wash routine to best dipes for my super heavy wetter. I’ve gotten so much great information. I truly LOVE this site and group of people!

  198. Kristen west

    I was new to cloth diapering and got so much help with stripping diapers, good wash routines and just general questions from Fluff Love and CD science. All the members are great and genuinely want to help. I’ve had awesome success!

  199. Donya Schroeder Jahnke

    I have been cloth diapering for just shy of a year and will be starting a second in cloth next year. I tried it on a whim. With the help, support and knowledge from Fluff Love I am still going strong.

  200. Amy Brewster

    I had my first baby 9 months ago. I was ready to give up on cloth until I found this page. Nothing fit right, everything leaked, and stunk. Now we exclusively CD and no stink or leak issues. I also love the cabrio group! They tirelessly help with perfecting wash routines for my difficult washer!

  201. Adreanna Johnson

    Before joining Fluff Love, I was having major repelling to the point I was done using cloth . I clothes my baby maybe once every two weeks and within an hour he was soaked. Someone referred me to Fluff love and now I have a solid wash routine and NO MORE LEAKING ! Also diapers smell fresh and clean for so long . Next up getting my husband to love fluff as much as I do lol . Thank you for the textbook on successfully cloth diapering !

  202. Crystal Rivera

    When I started doing research for cloth diapering I was so overwhelmed with it all. I randomly came across fluff love and it was like love at first sight. Haha. It was there that I learned most of what I know now. And I also learned how to get a great wash routine. I’ve been cloth diapering my daughter for almost 3 months now and I’m so so thankful for fluff love. I would have had a crappy wash routine and would have probably given up. Thank you!

  203. Cassie Marcelle

    I found fluff love university when researching cloth. Thank god i did! I found all the information i needed to convert to cloth without issues! I was able to get a good wash routine from the start and it helped with all my decisions from diaper creams to detergent. Thanks!

  204. Ediana S

    Using the simple ways that I have learned to wash my diapers, I have been able to purchase diapers used and make them new! I have also recently moved across the country, living out of a hotel for 40 days and was able to keep our diapers clean, stain and stink free (and no rashes) while washing our diapers at the laundromat! So grateful to fluff love for teaching me how to wash diapers! Has even helped with how we wash clothes! Yay!

  205. Cassandra williams

    Hi! I started cloth diapering about 1.5years ago. At first we were using home made laundry soap because we though it worked. After joining fluff love, I was able to strip and bleach my diapers and start using a correct wash routine. Now my diapers are clean and my butt are fluffy. Thanks!

  206. Jessica Jenkins

    Although my baby isn’t here yet (anytime next month!!), fluff love has helped me to prepare and feel confident that I will be able to successfully cloth diaper my baby without having to worry about stink issues or rash issues. And if I do experience those issues, I know that I will be able to get help and have it resolved.

  207. Megan Canning

    I’m due next month with a baby boy. Fluff Love has helped me prepare all these diapers so that they’re ready for him. Without you guys, I would be so stressed out and not know what to do. I now have my routine all set up and am awaiting the day that he gets here. Your admins are some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met and they’re so helpful. We appreciate you so much.

  208. Abney Taylor Ann Bernardini

    I thought the idea of cloth was ridiculous … then I ran out of diapers from my baby shower. I hated the idea of spending money on diapers just to throw them away. I started googling, searching to learn more about cloth and I found this page. I am now 4 months strong on cloth thanks to this page. I have never had to strip or bleach my diapers and am now promoting cloth and proper cleaning to everyone I know 🙂

  209. Melissa Robinson

    I’ve been CDing for 2 1/2 years and my diapers have started leaking and having a bit of a funky smell. I finally stripped them per the instructions using Borax, washing soda and Calgon, then followed with a bleach soak. The smell so good! My husband teased me because I kept sniffing them, lol. I haven’t had a leak yet, either! Thank you!

  210. Cheryl Holden

    I am so glad I found this site before I started using cloth diapers. I would read horror stories from other mommas & several of my friends and family wagered that I wouldn’t last a week using cloth diapers. This site gave me the science backed education I needed to arm myself for the many adventures in laundry. It’s been 5 months now of cloth diapering, with no issues or anxiety attacks. I won the bet & my husband and laundry thanks you!

  211. Stephanie

    I started cloth diapering 6 months ago. Before I had looked deep into the idea it seemed so overwhelming, after Finding fluff love and starting I was pleasantly suprised that its not as hard as some people said it would be!!! We are loving cloth and he is in it 24/7 😉

  212. Starla Ernde

    I found this group while I was pregnant, before I started cloth diapering but had already prepped.. And I immediately stripped and bleached, threw out my homemade “detergent” and bought some gain.. I have not had any problems with my diapers so far. (7 months in) 🙂

  213. April

    FLU has given me so much straight forward and simple to understand information for my cloth diapering journey. I was afraid to use prefolds and flats before I saw the videos explaining how to use them, and now they are some of my favorite diapers. I also figured out my wash routine without much hassles because of FLU.

  214. Tessa A.

    I’ve been cloth diapering consistently for about 6 months. There is a lot of misinformation out there and I’m so happy to finally have a routine that works and to know what detergents are truly safe and effective! So glad I found this site! 🙂

  215. Jen gessner

    I was sent to this page before my son was even born and I’m so thankful to have had a wash routine that has worked from the beginning with no issues!!

  216. Barbara Kent

    I used cloth for a short time with my first, but soon stored them to wait and use with our second. Fluff Love helped me find a better wash routine and keep our diapers clean and smelling great.

  217. Ashlee Redfern

    I had prepped my new diapers with All detergent when I started CDing. FL prevented me from continuing on with using All and now I use Tide. I also learned what wash cycle was best with my machine. I was going back and forth between bulky and heavy duty and now I have a good established routine. Glad my diapers are saved before any damage was done!

  218. Amy Tomah

    I was completely new to cloth with the third baby on the way. My wash routine wasn’t working and with the amazing help of everyone on Fluff Love University with a solid wash routine, I have successfully cloth diapered for 7 months with no stinks or issues!

  219. Yahir

    I found out about this group from a mommy group and I could forever be grateful. I hadn’t started to CD, but I wanted to. The FB group had so many resources and I read through all the files and just read and read people’s posts for two months. Once I felt I had an understanding and a stash to start, I delved in. An admin helped me with a wash routine and answered some clarifying questions. I’ve not had ANY problems and could not be happier CDing my baby boy. Thank you, fluff love!

  220. Alexandra

    Before finding Fluff Love, I was washing in extremely hard water without a softener. I also wasn’t using enough detergent. I realized there was a problem once my son began getting ammonia burns. I felt horrible! I followed the strip and bleach and switched up my wash routine. Now our diapers are marvelously clean! I’ve also helped my sister and a friend with the strip and bleach and tweaked their wash routine so we can all have clean diapers. This information is phenomenal!

  221. Mackenzie Finley

    I have to admit I was scared to cloth diaper at first but by reading through the files and looking at posts my now 16 month old loves his cloth diapers! They are so much easier than I expected and now my friends want to cloth! Thank you so very much for this page!

  222. Laurel D.

    Though I haven’t had specific NEGATIVE problems, Fluff Love is in fact the reason I have been successful cloth diapering. I knew nothing about the whole CD world {or even what CD stood for ;-)} before I found this page. But once I did, not only was I able to convince my husband to get on board with all the benefits Fluff Love speaks of, but I also got a wash routine set up by the lovely supportive group that has worked like a dream thus far on my adventure. I’ve only been doing it for a few months with my 2 year old, working out kinks and routines here and there, but plan to use cloth full time with my LO due in September.

    With the help of these women and their inspirational support team, I have no fears because I know even when something goes wrong, I’ll be able to get help solving my problem from some of the most experienced CD mums (and dads!) out there.

  223. Katie truxal

    I was so so glad I found this site. I was looking into cloth for my second child but all the “rules” terrified me and I was giving up then I found fluff love and seen that it wasn’t so complicated and you could use regular detergent. We are now 3 months strong and absolutely loving it

  224. Lyss Gallagher

    Fluff love taught me I was using way too little detergent, and how to properly care for my diapers with hard water. I also learned how to properly strip and bleach soak.

  225. Katie Moss

    I became a mom almost 7 years ago (I can not believe my baby will be 7 soon!). My husband and I were less than financially stable so we decided to cloth diaper. I loved the idea of saving money and he loved the environment friendly part so we were excited to start the journey. Everyone around us thought we were nuts but we jumped in with confidence!

    When my daughter arrived, we followed the instructions sent with the diapers to a T. I was worried about the fact that you would use such a small amount of soap for diapers but I was new to the cloth diapering world and thought that the company would know better than me…

    Fast forward a couple months to terrible diaper rash and funky smells and our cloth diapering journey had turned into a bit of a nightmare! My poor baby had chemical burns… I didn’t know how to fix it or who to turn to for guidance. We moved into an apartment that had a shared laundry and I gladly used it as a excuse not to cloth diaper anymore! 🙁 my daughter finished out her diaper days in sposies and when my son came along, I did not even attempt to cloth him.

    We are having our 3rd baby and I just happened to be in a co op that was selling cloth diapers. For some crazy reason, I decided to try cloth with this baby. I had no new direction or reason to think it would be successful but for some reason I wanted to try again. I got my first order and fell in love with the cuteness! I asked on the co op how to clean the diapers and I was directed to fluff love. I went on the files and was caught up in reading for a long time! I could not believe how much of the things being said actually made sense!!!! It was mind boggling to me that these instructions were not given to EVERYONE using cloth!

    My third child is expected in August and I already have my stash and a set routine for my washer. I feel great about all the knowledge I have acquired and know that if I hit any snags, I have a support group in Fluff Love that will help me with sound advice!

  226. Jessica Anderson

    I have been on and off cloth diaper with my son. But thanks to this site I feel more confident making sure I am cleaning them correctly.

  227. Jessica Belanger

    When I decided I wanted to use cloth diapers, I started researching. I was so overwhelmed by all the different brands and information. I joined a few groups and just “stalked” pages. A birth board group I was apart of mentioned Fluff Love for washing routines. Once I joined the page and just read posts I started to get a better understanding about a lot of things. I read many files and did my homework. I wanted to be sure I was doing everything correctly. I didnt want to invest in diapers and then decide I couldnt do it because of the stink/mess. I posted a picture of my wash controls and took my water test. Jen B. helped me come up with a routine. I have yet to experience any issues. My diapers are always clean and smelling great. I am so glad I checked out many different avenues, it gave me a good idea of what was important to me and what fits my liftstyle. Fluff Love even gave me guts to buy some narly pre loved diapers and work some magic. It pushed me to stop doubting myself. Being able to be apart of a group and seeing oters success stories and share their projects and k owledge is such a big help. I am so glad I found you guys!! Thank You for pushing thenimportance of proper wash routines and detergents and how to clean thinfs properly!!

  228. Carissa Turner

    Before our first son was born we decided we were going to take the cloth route. We purchased some Flips diapers based on recommendations from the only person I knew who used cloth and them ready to go. After our son was born, we waited until his cord fell off then started using the Flips. I had NO IDEA what I was doing!! The only advise we had been given was “dunk and swish and use a wet pail”. The wet pail just sounded awful to me so I winged it, rinsed EBF poo in the sink and just threw in the wash, having no idea how they were supposed to be washed or that EBF poo was water soluble. Well, I HATED the Flips diapers. Poo always went everywhere, never stayed on the insert, I could never reuse the covers and we couldn’t afford enough covers to make this work. I knew nothing of all the other options out there. So I gave up and went back to disposables. I did remember seeing a diaper sprayer at the store where we bought the Flips and thinking, now that would be handy! Well I saw a post on a local b/s/t page for a diaper sprayer and some pocket diapers for sale. I had no idea what pockets were but I thought if I could get my handson that sprayer, I’d be willing to give my Flips another chance. So I bought it along with 5 pockets with MF inserts. I discovered I LOVED the pockets and I still hated the Flips. I posted a photo of our son on Facebook which a fellow cloth friend, unbeknownst to me, commented on which started this dialogue about fluff. She recommended I join fluff love & cd science and check out FLU. It completely changed my life! I have fallen in love with cloth and our son has been in cloth full time ever since. I learned how to clean and care for the diapers, I learned about all the different types, options, everything. I actually love doing my fluff laundry and we’ve even converted to using cloth wipes too. And this whole fluff adventure is what has gotten me back into sewing! I made all our wipes, I’m sewing our FST’s into prefolds and inserts and I’m about to start sewing my own diapers! And now I try to help other cloth families as much as I can because I remember what it felt like being lost and confused and I want everyone to enjoy their diapers as much as we do! Thank you so much fluff love, for everything you all do! I am forever grateful!

  229. Nikki Huff

    hey!! FLCDS was recommended to me by a WAHM as I was a total newbie & clueless! Thankfully I came & started my CD journey with a good wash routine!! Yay thank you!!!

  230. Christie DeMarchi

    I found Fluff Love while I was pregnant so I had time to read and research. Thanks to all the help I’ve gotten, I’ve had absolutely no issues! I prepped everything according to the files. Thankfully I joined right when it was discovered all free & clear wasn’t recommended which is typically what I wash my baby clothes in.
    Fluff love has made my decision to cloth diaper so easy.

  231. Casey Litvin

    I cloth diapered my 4 year old and had major ammonia smell. I followed what the local diaper store told me, which was, just rinse them more. I did. They said try dawn. I did. My 4 year old potty trained early so I just put them away and said forget those. I now have a 5 month old and I am so happy I found you all before I had him! I stripped all my diapers and got a solid wash routine. Thank you!!! I finally can enjoy my cloth diapers, knowing they won’t be a massive pain!

  232. Tessa

    I was lost as well because things weren’t working and I wanted to give up. I can’t remember how I stumbled on the flugg love group but I never regretted one bit! I am learning about wash rountines how the different diapers work! I am encouraged and love their help!

  233. Monica Faucheux

    I was using bumgenius detergent and not doing a pre-rinse. I also had hard water and didn’t know I needed a softener! I know better now thanks!

  234. Stacey

    I have learned so much from Fluff Love. Most recently I learned that I needed to be using a lot more detergent and that plant based detergents weren’t going to cut it for my hard water. Using the admins wash routine advice has made all the difference and now I am not wondering if my diapers are really clean. Thanks Fluff Love!

  235. kim

    I hated buying disosible diapers with my daughter. I said if I was to be blessed with another I wad going to cloth. So I watched my friends do it with their children. We moved to Florida and I joined ask the cloth diaper groups I could find including this one. This group had helped me so much from wash routine diaper ointments and where to go for diapers. I was stressed with my 7week Olds rash and they helped me with great advice. I didn’t know if I needed to stop cloth or keep going. I love my fluff. My son’s bum looks simply adorable.

  236. Katelyn Marie

    When i was about half way through pregnancy with my now 2 year old, i started researching cloth diapers. Unfortunately i was scared away from them because all the blogs and groups i joined made it sound so inconveniencing.. Expensive ‘cloth diaper safe detergent’ , multiple rinses, stripping with dawn, was told only to buy expensive brands. I gave up my research and bought disposables. When my daughter was 13 months old she started getting rashes from disposables and after switching brands we were going through a lot of money we couldn’t afford to lose. 2 friends donated some gently used cloth diapers and one friend even generously bought me some brand new ones 🙂 i learned about Tide! I did struggle for a few weeks finding a perfect routine but thankfully for me fluff love was created the same time i was starting. I left all the groups who criticised me for using “chemicals” on her diapers and stuck with the fantastic advice i was receiving in FL. Now it is 1 year later, i now have a 2 year old and a 6 week old both in cloth and i save so much money a month thats to having this group to fall back on when i need advice. I’ve also converted 3 people into cloth diaper users as well.

  237. Jennifer Virgadamo Duhon

    My baby is just 12 days old, and I have not started CD just yet. I am waiting to be able to fully recover & get around and do laundry on my own following my csection, however, FL has already helped me tremendously prepare for my CD journey! I have an admin approved wash routine ready and waiting to go! I did try a NB CD on baby a few days ago just to see! 🙂 I am nervous and excited to get started!

  238. Amanda Underwood

    Thanks to fluff love I got a solid wash routine and figured out why I was having so many suds left over after my wash. I got some new to me diapers and without this site I wouldn’t have known that bleaching/stripping was a thing. Just bleached some diapers last night and all came out great! I love how they make it so easy to follow along!

  239. Melissa

    Like so many mamas who are new to cloth diapering, I started off by following all the bad advice out there. Using “cloth safe” detergent, not using enough detergent, and wasting so much water with extra rinses and then having so much hard water build up as a result. I am sooooo happy that I found Fluff Love. My little one was getting ammonia burns and my diapers just weren’t seeming like they were clean. Enter Fluff Love, and I got real detergent. I stopped viewing my diapers as these fragile things that needed to be handled with care and started washing them the way they needed to be washed to really get clean. We love using our cloth and even travel with it. And as an added bonus, all of my other laundry is cleaner now because I understand how to use my washing machine and detergent so much better now.

  240. Brittany Munoz

    Well before I found this page I just threw a bunch of whatever I had in the wash. But since I talked to a nice lady I’ve realized I’ve been using too much and we’ll was throwing money down the drain

  241. Jenna

    I was using Ecos detergent before finding this group. I started having some stink issues a couple weeks after starting my cloth diapering journey I found this group and did a proper bleach soak and switched to gain and tide . No more issues 🙂

  242. Heidi Dunning

    My little one is four months young and we just recently started cloth diapering. A friend here convinced me to try and even let me borrow some of her CD to get started and see how I liked it before buying CDs. I am slowly building up my stash so far with all preloved diaps. I would love to get some new ones for my little guy right now I only have 11. I love cd so far, and I am trying to convince a few friends to start also. I love all the patterns, love how it’s so much better for my babe, my bank account and the environment! Thank you Fluff love & CD science for all of the help! I am not sure where I would be without you!

  243. Sarah Lockman

    I was so intimidated by cloth diapers bc I had heard horrible stories of sink issues and leaks and I honestly didn’t have the first clue in how I would care for them. But fluff love and cd science took the guess work out of it all for me. So we started out with a proper routine and we are 4 months in worth barely any issues to speak of (besides the occasional compression leak ). I love the support and sound advice that comes from this group. Because of you all I have a true love for cding.

  244. Brittany Martinez

    I started researching cloth diapers a little late in my 2nd pregnancy but once I had what I thought was my whole stash I started researching how to wash/prep them. I asked about my homemade detergent that people swore was cloth diaper safe in a group on fb and was referred to Fluff Love, I’m so glad I was. I started off with the perfect routine and now 9 months later have had no issues. No stains, no stinks. I absolutely love cloth diapering and I wouldn’t change a thing!

  245. Rachael Welch

    Information from Fluff Love helped to win me over and convince my hubby that cloth diapers would be suitable for 9ur family. Shopping at many cloth specific stores and boutiques o was under the impression I would need special this and special that that would cost an arm and a leg! So glad I stumbled upon Fluff Love so that I am actually saving money by cloth diapering!

  246. Julie G

    Everyone always talks about how to deal with hard water… well… we have super SOFT water! Fluff love helped me learn that an extra rinse and not over doing the detergent was very important! Also, that oxyclean could help my detergent be more effective because of our very soft water. My diapers come out with absolutely no stink or stains! Thanks fluff love. 🙂

  247. Jessica Houston

    My son is 4 months old and I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy I wanted to cloth. My niece was clothed due to skin allergies, so I had experience with them. Every bought me sposies at my baby shower even though they knew I didn’t want them. Cause they all KNEW I’d give up. I have hand washed, gone to the laundromat with little man and 4 month in im still going strong. I love my cloth and am so excited to keep it up. Even with multiple different routines I haven’t had a single stink issue thanks to fluff love!!

  248. Colleen Gilbride

    I was lucky enough to find FLCDS as I researching cloth diapers as I was pregnant. I’m so glad I had found the information that I have and am lucky enough to never had issues. I’ve tweak things here and there with the board and am ever so thankful. 8 months on cloth and were going strong! I’ve even been handwashing since march!

  249. Stacey

    I’m pretty new to fluff. I bought some new & some pre loved. I have learned how to properly strip & bleach. Also received a great wash cycle. I appreciate all the help & great ideas I get from this page.

  250. Kim

    When I cloth diapered my oldest 3, I had to strip all the time – using things that are definitely not approved now. This was 7-8 years ago, and I don’t think this site even existed! I just had my newest baby 3 months ago, and this has been by far the easiest cloth diapering journey I’ve had! I have no smells or yucky things, the process is faster, and I feel like I’m definitely doing the best thing for my baby and the environment without too much additional work! I can’t imagine where I would be if I hadn’t found this site, and had the great support and information I have this time around.

  251. Lauren Fortin

    Before I found this site I was using a plant based detergent. My diapers never seemed clean and my Daughter was getting ammonia burns. I stumbled upon this site and could not believe what I was seeing. But despite my concerns, I decided to give it a try. I striped and bleach soaked my diapers and changed detergents. It worked!! My diapers were clean and looked amazing. I will forever be grateful.

  252. Sarah Burclaw

    After being completely overwhelmed and frustrated, an admin helped me nail down a proper wash routine, and I then discovered CBIs and covers. They were the perfect fit for my skinny little heavy-wetting girl! Thanks fluff love!!! For always being helpful and informative!

  253. Susan Adams

    I had barely begun using cloth, when I realized that I did have hard water where I live and if I didn’t use a water softener I might end up with some issues. This site helped me realize that and also how much softener to add.

  254. Brooke Rick

    I found this site after I had been using cloth diapers for 2 months. I wasn’t having issues yet but was using a not approved detergent that was really going to cause issues soon. I did a strip and found a lot of junk and got my routine set. I was so thankful to happen upon this site among all the crazy advice I was hearing from dawn soap, monthly strips, and boiling my diapers! I’m now confident enough to cd our next baby due in the fall. We will have two in cloth and I’m excited to start that journey! 🙂

  255. sara p

    This site has helped me have a solid routine from the start. Having a proper wash and care routine means my baby has a happy tushie and no more “Poopdini” tendencies!

  256. Amber Graham

    One week into cloth diapering now! When I first decided to cloth diaper I had NO idea what was going on. Literally I had never even seen a child in a cloth diaper before. But due to being out of work because of a medical illness of my oldest child and being a one income family of almost 5, I decided to give it a try. So, to YouTube I went, that led me to fluff love and science. Here I learned about wash routines as well many other things. Different brands, different types, proper fit. Asked a few questions on what people thought “was best”. I’m happy to say that one week in, 2 loads of diaper laundry.. The pee and the breastfed poop has stayed where it should. No leaks or malfunctions for someone who had never even seen a cloth diaper in person is pretty good if you ask this mother of 3!

  257. Amber Walther Terry

    Luckily, I found the FLCDS Facebook page at the beginning of my cloth diapering journey. I was able to start with a good routine and now 3 months later I’ve never had any problems! Thanks so much!

  258. Kristen Boyovich

    daddy hasn’t always been on board with CD and was on diaper duty one morning while I tried to sleep in. Daddy left LO in a poopy diaper until I woke up so I could change it. Needless to say we had an angry rash and since I have never used diaper cream in cloth (or at all on my son) I didn’t know what was CD safe and the Mommas on the page helped us out! I am so thankful and so is LOs bum

  259. Heather Townsend

    I learned so much from the group & website, from knowing which detergent to use, testing my water out, stripping my diapers, getting down a great washing routine. I haven’t had issues with washing all thanks to this page. One month so far but many more to come. I feel welcomed if I were to post an issue and the admins would help right away 🙂

  260. Jenifer Green

    I killed and erasee mold on a flip cover with a 30 min bleach soak in 1 tbsp bleach to 1 gal water.
    Washed in tide then sunner dry.
    The diaper is perfectly bright and perfectly stain free.

  261. Kelly Rachael

    I started cloth diapering with a good wash routine. However, a few months in we started having issues with barnyard stink. A quick pm to a fluff love admin and I learned that I wasn’t using enough detergent! By the next wash, my diapers were back to smelling great. It really was that easy 🙂

  262. Brittney Valdez

    Not so much a success story as a starting off right to be successful!

    Fluff Love helped me understand the importance behind a good wash routine. I was so confused with everything I might or might not have to do I was getting frustrated. I know wherever I have any questions about a bleach, detergents, machines, etc. I will always have support and guidance. That’s what keeps me coming back!

  263. Rose Poblete

    Not sure I want to HONESTLY admit this…..but here it goes.

    I started cloth diapering in 2007 and I used blue Dawn… in my washing machine. My HORRIBLE routine was was with Dawn on hot and then a hot rinse…to make it worse I
    stripped in the dish washer!
    Fast forward to 2014 and I have my new baby. I had full intentions of doing the same wash routine. Well I learned tide would be a better thing to use, I got something right!! But my routine was warm wash no soap, hot wash half a scoop, and 3!! Yes 3 rinses. I have hard water. So for 4 months of course I had all sorts of smells coming from my diapers. Enter FLCDS! I have now got my wash routine down and been diapering for a year, baby is now 15 months, with no smells! Thank you FLCDS!!

  264. Theresa Swift

    I had done tons of research prior to my little one being born on how to wash and prep my fluff, and my were there tons of different ways to wash and prep on the internet. Thankfully I found FLCDS within the first two months of using cloth diapers because I had no idea that hard water could cause issues! I had been washing without any water softeners, but after a strip and bleach, I began to follow the FLCDS wash routine and so far I have had no issues with diapers smelling or repelling :-)! Thank you fluff love admins and peer reviewers for answering all of our questions and volunteering to help others with fluff issues :-)!!

  265. Lisamarie odeen

    I have cloth diapered 3 babies and always used a detergent that shall not be named!! It was horrible! My older two had horrible rashes and we just couldn’t figure out why! It all makes so much sense now. My son is 3 months old and I found this site just before his birth. I stripped and bleached my stash and now wash in a mainstream detergent with a solid was routine. I haven’t had a stain since switching and I am CONFIDENT that my diapers are clean!!! Since finding this page I have also branched out a bit. With the girls I only used BG 4.0. Now I have a fuzzibunz, Charlie Banana, a couple flip covers, some econobum and a BG Elemental. I also found FSTs…a game changer for us… THANK YOU for helping me love cloth again.

  266. Sandra Bildstein

    I am so glad I found FL&CDS before I started cloth. We have been using cloth diapers for 8 months without any issues. The admins, peer advisors, and other fluff lovers are very helpful if you have a question. I wish I would have found a site like this when my first child was born 7 years ago. I probably would have started cloth much sooner.

  267. Julie Eggebraaten

    I never anticipated using cloth when i had children, and when i finally started realizing the many reasons why i wanted to, it still seemed so overwhelming. I jumped in after a little research, but there were so many conflicting opinions out there. I was using Rockin Green and an improper wash routine when i finally found Fluff Love & CD science, and i had never bleached my pre loved diapers (some of which had ammonia issues). Now i feel confident about my wash routine and my diapers look and smell clean. I feel great about diapering my little girl in cloth and plan will do so for our next child due in January!!

  268. Cheyenne Barker

    We started using cloth when little miss was 1 month, we’ve been now using them for 5.5 months, tho it’s taken some time to build a little stash, I’ve accomplished a days worth. I started using home made laundry soap, but I noticed a repelling, now I’ve switched to persil and couldn’t be happier with my diapers!! Thank you so much!

  269. Melissa Varholak

    I have 11.5 month old twins, one boy and one girl. I bought cloth diapers (and got some used) before the twins came. I washed them according to a random website I found online and thought we were ready to go. Well, even my OS diapers did not fit my full term (5.12 and 6.7) twins for months. When I did start using them I was guessing at what my wash routine should be based on how dirty everything was and how much time I had. In addition, I was beginning to wonder if maybe cd’ing was not for us as we had leaks at least a few times a day, and naps…forget about it. I went back and fourth with disposables as well as my random wash routine for a few months. Then, I found Fluff Love University and the facebook pages, specifically the laundry one. I submitted my picture of my washing machine settings, gleaned all sorts of information, and asked some specific questions. This page prompted my charcoal bamboo and hemp insert purchases, as well as a real, solid wash routine. The first time I did the correct wash I was absolutely blown away how much I could tell the difference in cleanliness. The twins look adorable in their diapers and I am happy because they are clean, dry, and leak free without the use of disposables. Without fluff love, I would definitely have given up, I was that close. Now, I am even starting to get my opposed family on board with cd’ing.

  270. Amy frank

    Fluff love & cd science successfully taught me how to bleach my used diapers. I would have never bleached my diapers if I didn’t feel confident that they wouldn’t be ruined. I followed their exact measurements to bleach in the tub and they came out perfectly! I also wasn’t aware that you needed to bleach in cold water and that hot would stop the bleaching process. I’ve also learned a lot by reading others posts. Like needing a “stew” to successfully clean diapers in the washer. Rinsing your diapers before a wash on normal setting rather than a rinse cycle. And also how to strip diapers in a few different ways which I haven’t tried yet but have everything I need to do a diy strip in the future. I was even able to help out family that was having stink issues with their washer. None of us knew that you needed specific detergent in an he washer. I have learned so many things not just for cd, but laundry in general. It has been so extremely helpful!!

  271. valerie sobus

    my friend added me to the fluff love & cloth diaper science fb group a few months before i had my son and i’m SO glad she did. most of our stash was given to us by a friend of the family and i would have never known how to stirip/bleach those diapers, or that i even needed to do it at all! i would’ve just ended up re-washing them with the rocking green detergent given to me with the diapers and i expect i would’ve run into lots of problems down the road. but we’ve been cd’ing for almost 4 months now with zero problems & are loving it 🙂

  272. brittney

    you guys saved me from the homemade cloth diaper safe detergent our local cloth diaper shop was selling.

    ‘Use one TBS’ yea… no wonder the diapers stunk

  273. Josie chenevert

    When I got pregnant I knew that I didn’t want to use disposable diapers, because I didn’t want to be a part of problem but maybe part of the solution…I have a family member who turned me on to sunbaby diapers. I just bought 48 diapers with 96 bamboo inserts and then I was like how am I going to keep these beautiful diapers nice once my little guy gets here…I found out about fluff love…they totally got me prepared for a good wash routine…but then the inevitable happened I started having diaper stash envy….sooooooooooo I did what any jelly mom would do and buy more cloth diapers…which helps keep a good rotation…and I was able to find star wars and marvel diapers…which I knew my husband would love…I’ve learned about so much with fluff love…and have me other unicorn (what I call cloth diaper mom’s) because there are so few of us…cloth diapering my husband was against at first but when he saw how much we were actually saving…he is fully on board…I’m teaching him the routine in case I get sick and need help maintaining our cloth diapers

  274. Leah L

    I am gearing up to cloth diaper our first little one, arriving fall 2015. Found Fluff Love on Facebook. Tested my water & administration helped me establish a solid washing routine to get my diapers prepped and keep using once baby girl gets here.
    Have stripped our towels & husband’s undershirts after years of awful water, shared laundry facilities & improper washing. Am even now filling my tub to deep clean strollers and play mats that we have been gifted by friends and family. Every time a tub full of nasty dirty water swirls down the drain, I am so thankful to have found this resource to keep my home and family cleaner and healthier than ever before! Thanks, FLU!!!

  275. Emily Favors(Steelman)

    I was so nervous to even attempt starting to cloth diaper my two children. I had been used to buying disposables for the past 3 years, 16 months of this years buying two different sizes. I was just done and barely affording our bills, and a friend of mine recommended cloth diapering. I just immediately wanted to try it, so I started looking for information. First off, I was SO overwhelmed by how much I had to learn. All the types of diapers, different gender folds of FSTs, water hardness, detergents, wash routines?! I couldn’t believe that laundry would actually be science. But it is! My mind was reeling over the over abundance of information that it had to take in, in order to cloth diaper. I almost gave up at the thought of it because I couldn’t understand and learn it all easily. But then I was added to the FLCDS groups on Facebook, and that helped SO much. I came here to FLU and I have never had so much fun doing research before. I’m now building up a good sized stash, I feel confident in how to wash them, staff them, dry them and strip them, etc. plus they’re ADORABLE on baby butts. Lol Thank you SO much to everyone who runs FLU and FLCDS. You all have made me feel like I could do what felt was impossible. 🙂 I LOVE CLOTH DIAPERIG. I’m addicted now. Oops 😉

  276. Monica Schwehr

    I was using Honest Company detergent, which claims it is cloth diaper safe right on the bottle. I had no idea about how sodium cocoate can coat diapers or that the detergent was considered too weak to clean waste efficiently. I also have hard water. My CBI started getting a weird campfire-type smell. Fluff Love and CD Science helped me pick a new green detergent (7th Gen), and add Borax, and now my stink issues are gone.
    I also learned about flour sack towels, which have solved a lot of our leak issues. We can now take him out in the car seat or carrier with confidence. Thank you Fluff Love!

  277. Stina

    Fluff Love gave me the confidence to start cloth diapering without worries and to buy used diapers knowing I was able to sanitize them and get them ready to go. I’ve been following their instructions and haven’t had any issues yet!

  278. Charlorte

    My sister in law directed me here before I even started cloth diapering. We’ve been cding for the last three months with an approved routine and have yet to have any issues. Love that I know my diapers are getting clean!

  279. Michelle S

    I started using cloth diapers about a year and a half ago. I was told that they had to be washed with “special” detergent. I was so SCARED to wash them in anything else, like they were fragile eggs or something, not poop catchers. Lol. I used RNG for 6 months, had some stink issues, but just thought that was the norm. Ugh. Then we got the mother of all ammonia rashes and I started scouring the net for info. Thankfully, I found FL&CDS and got on the right track. I now use Tide and borax for hard water. Have been successful for 1 year with no stinks, relatively few stains and no ammonia burns. Thank you!!!!

  280. jessie

    I was using all clean and clear detergent, dreft spray, and cold water to clean my cds. Fluff Love and CD Science helped me learn what to do and what not to do. I had no idea bleach wouldn’t take the colors from my diapers. Thank you!

  281. Jessica Faith

    I am so lucky that I discovered Fluff Love before I started cloth diapering. When I made the original decision to cloth diaper, I read post after post about how fragile diapers were and how I needed an expensive, special detergent, that it would take a very extensive and confusing wash routine, and that I would have to strip them once every few months. Finally, I stumbled across Fluff Love and everything made sense! Not only did Fluff Love save me, my diapers, and my baby’s bum, the group made it so much easier to be on board with cloth diapering and not feel so overwhelmed!

    Also, in a world that is full of judgement and confusion, I love that I’m part of a group that has a positive atmosphere and so many people willing to help out another mama!

  282. Alexys

    This site has helped answer so many of my questions as a newbie to CD! It’s encouraged me to not give up so early into cloth diapering!

  283. Alley Marie Schultz Harding

    I was having terrible smell issues with my bulkier cloth diapers (prefolds, inserts etc) and my little was getting a red bum cause of it. I thought I had the wash routine down, I thought no I don’t need to use borax my water is fine. I just used tide and that was it and thought I had it down, boy was I wrong and the smells came. I let go of my ego and asked for help on the Fluff Love & CD science group and so many mamas helped me realize that I can’t NOT use borax or Calgon if I have hard water! There is NO way around it. I learned about mineral build up and I was actually even doing an extra rinse AFTER my wash “gasp” cause my youtube research was telling me to. I have since used every recommendation and added Borax to my wash routine, stopped doing an extra rinse and have not had any issues! My frustrations are gone thanks to the mamas on that page. Thank you!

  284. Emily Meyer

    When I cloth diapered my now 4 and 5 year olds I used Charlie’s Soap, no water softener and always did an extra rinse. I even stripped by doing multiple rinses to get rid of detergent build up! We constantly had stink issues and rashes. I was close to not even trying this time around. Thanks to Fluff Love I’m getting my diapers clean and haven’t had any sink or trash problems!

  285. Lori Green

    When I started cloth diapering I wasn’t using the proper wash routine. Was having a mini a issues and barnyard stink. After finding fluff love I wa s able to get my diapers looking and smelling like new. I have been cloth diapering since my youngest was 2 weeks old. He is now 3 months old and in cloth full time. Hubby loves it so we don’t have to worry about buying diapers.

  286. Becky K. Frey

    Before finding this site I used dryer sheets and had no clue how to wash diapers. I’ve been using cloth on my LO now for 5 months and have learned a lot from FL&CDS.

  287. Ruth Lancaster

    I had be CDing for over a year and everything had been going great. I thought I knew what I was doing. All of a sudden without changing anything, all my diapers were staining and leaking! If it wasnt for this group, I probably would have been lost forever. But they helped me strip and learn the proper way to wash my diapers. Now I never have issues and I’m not bleach every month or two either!

  288. Josie Dickinson

    Hi! I successfully failed using cloth on my first after 6 months..we had an ammonia build up and he was only rash free when he wore sposies, and I didn’t know what to do, so I sold them all! While I was preggo with #2, I found FLU…I learned where i went wrong with my son (poor kiddo!) and have been confidently and successfully using cloth on my daughter for 2 months with no end in sight! Thank you for the cutest cloth bum with ease!!

  289. Malia

    Before I found FLU, I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I bought a few preloved diapers in different brands, and a fellow cd mom directed me to FLU’s Facebook groups and pages. I’m a week in to my cloth journey, and I love it! You guys helped me set up a good wash routine, properly bleach and wash preloved diapers, find diapers within my budget, and so much more. My husband is still a bit skeptical, but I am totally converted! I love the community of supportive moms Fluff Love has become. I can’t wait to continue on this journey and hopefully start making my own dipes soon. Thanks for all your knowledge, research, and support! I’m positive I’d be doing it all wrong without you. 🙂

  290. Eva Persaud

    I received some preloved diapers that were extremely stained. Like throw in the trash stained! But I desperately needed dipes for my baby. With help from the files doing a proper strip and soak I got these babies in good usable condition.

  291. Kimberly Mudge-Via

    When I found this page, I was having all sorts of issues with my diapers. They stunk and that was my most concerning issue, they weren’t absorbing as well anymore either. I read the files and realized that stripping with dish soap was not helping me, that I wasn’t using a good detergent and I was doing far too many rinses. I tested my water for the first time and learned that I had very hard water, which I didn’t even realize that I should check. I went through the list of recommended detergents and saw that Method, which is what I was already using for my clothing was recommended, but I had to add a softener. I needed a softener anyway now that I realized that I had hard water. I started using the Method with Calgon on my diapers, running a pre wash with soap, a heavy duty wash with soap on hot and no extra rinses. My diapers are so clean now and no longer stink. Pre- fluff love & CD science, I was using charlies soap, no softener, just a hot wash and several extra rinses. I wasn’t using enough soap, and my diapers were not getting clean. We had previously had great luck with Tide, but my younger son breaks out. So happy that I can now use a gentler detergent, and my diapers are coming out clean.

  292. Melody Sparks

    After 2 years doing disposables with my son, when DD was about two months from being born my husband and I decided cloth might be the best choice for our family. I’m so glad I did. We are on day 3 of cloth diapering, and after 2 weeks of a diaper rash with NO response to creams, my daughter’s rash is disappearing, and she sleeps and stays awake SO MUCH HAPPIER and just SO MUCH EASIER than she did in disposables. When I discovered fluff love, I discovered so much more. My family has a happier lifestyle, better laundry routines, and we’re so much more knowledgeable about what we are putting on ourselves and our baby, let alone the optimal way to do so. I couldn’t be happier, or feel more successful, than sitting here nursing my little fluff butt. ❤️

  293. Haley

    I discovered fluff love University early on in my cloth diapering journey. It has given me the confidence to know that I’m caring for the diapers correctly based on science. I haven’t had any major issues with cloth diapering, & I think that I have this website to thank for that. When small issues do arise, I go straight to this website to begin troubleahooting and am quickly able to solve the problem.

  294. Sherrie Allen

    Thanks to FLU I’ve been successfully CD’ing my 8 week old little girl for 7 weeks now! This is my fourth child and my very first in cloth. I always wanted to do cloth with my others and found it all just too overwhelming because of the lack of info. A friend and fellow CD mama turned me in the direction to FLU and it helped me so much! I’ve learned so much by reading all the files and seeing others problems posted and solved by the admins. I’m happy to say that I feel confident in my wash routine and actually enjoy using cloth. Plus, who doesn’t love a cute little fluffy butt?!

  295. Amanda Baron

    I never would have known what to do about the hard water and detergent issues until I discovered FLCDS. I didn’t know I was even having issues at the time, but I’m glad I caught it when I did! We were in the very beginning of CD at that time and were starting to have questionable stink. Not anymore!

  296. Melinda

    I started cloth diapering a little over 2 years ago. I currently have 2 in cloth. I absolutely love them but I did have some issues shortly after starting. I was using bum genius detergent, a “cloth diaper approved detergent” from another site. We did the “extra rinses” too. We were having stink issues and some rash issues. I tried different things that other websites suggested to do. I was so frustrated, nothing was working. I switched to Tide Ultra even though so many sites acted like if you use it you are going against everything the cloth diaper world is about. While it helped my daughter she was still getting a rash. I fell upon this site and the admins were so helpful. After talking with them it was clear I needed to strip the diapers using Fluff Love’s method, continue with Tide, add a water softener and stop the extra rinses. Well here we are not a single problem since stripping and starting our new routine. My diapers look and smell great. But best of all no rashes from the diapers. The only thing that makes me sad is that I didn’t find this site sooner.

  297. Rachel

    Thank God for Fluff Love & Science. I researched a ton before I switched over and because I started with you guys, I was able to start with a good, sound, easy routine! (I switched when my Daughter was 3 months). There are so many great resources available on your website, that I barely had to ask any questions. You guys have really made the switch so simple and I am so glad I did it! I love CDing, and this is coming from a pregnant girl who thought she would never CD because poop was gross. (But blow outs are wayy worse! Haha).

    Because of how simple you guys have made it, I have also been able to convince 3 of my close friends to switch because they can see how easy it really is. Plus I love picking out which cute diapers she’s gonna wear today!

    But seriously, thank you for all of your help, support and dedication. You guys are my favorite page and website to fact check!

  298. Jorie menchaca

    I have not yet started cloth diapering. I am in the process of stash building. The Rebecca Foundation is sending me a kit I can use for a year free, which is super amazing! I cannot wait to start putting my son in fluff. I spend way to much money on diapers and unfortunately my husband is our only income to cloth seems like the way to go! I cannot wait to get amazing results and start a stash full of cute prints!

  299. Andrea

    I’m technically not a success story,… Yet! I am currently expecting a baby boy in September and knew from before conception that I wanted to cloth diaper. Where I live it’s not considered “normal” or acceptable to cloth diaper. I do not know a single person that cloth diapers nor that supports cloth diapering. It’s discouraging and frustrating getting the constant negative comments and trying to convince me to use disposables. Like anyone else is going to be caring for my child.. Rofl!! I even had a hard time breast feeding my now 14 year old due to the lack of support. This is going to be a huge battle but I’m up for the challenge! I’m really glad that I found Fluff Love U in my research! I have been following and reading various concerns and the help that they receive from the admins of the site. It’s wonderful support and although I feel confident enough so far, I will be returning again and again for extra help and tips along the way.

  300. Ashly

    We knew we wanted to cloth diaper once baby arrived. I had done a ton of research and got info from a friend. I was really overwhelmed with the lingo, wash routines, and brands. Then I found Fluff Love Science on Facebook and learned how easy it is!!! I was ecstatic! After getting help with a wash routine, all I could think was “that’s it??” We’ve been successfully cloth diapering for a few weeks now! We even got daycare on board to try it out with our daughter 🙂

  301. Leslie

    I am a first time mom and brand new to cloth diapers. I did know anyone who used them. Before I found your Facebook group and we page I had no idea what I was doing. I was planning on using homemade laundry soap!!! I loved how they website explained why this is so horrible and had science to back it up! I no longer use the soap for anything. The information is so easy to follow, my husband is even learning. We ate now 4 months into cloth and love it! We have never had any problems, thanks to our perfect wash routine which was set up by you all! After showing my friends how easy and fun it is I have converted one to cloth part time and of couse join fluff love and cd science!

  302. Sibyl Lilly

    I was so stoked to cloth diaper. I started my stash during pregnancy, and the fluff started to grow pretty quickly. One day I was talking with a friend who was just starting to cloth diaper. She told me that cloth diapering with a front loader is impossible, and all of my diapers will be ruined. I
    Freaked out, and started researching. Every website suggested adding water and adding wet towels, so when my son was born, that’s what I did. My diapers were not fresh and I was ready to give up. Thanks to fluff love univ for saving my dipes, and showing me the front load washer is not evil!!

  303. Mary Miller

    I tried fluff with middle child and after about a month I was done. I didn’t know about the different styles so out fit was bad and then the stink came and would not go away. I had naively subscribed to the less is more myth about detergent. My youngest turned out to be allergic to disposables so fluff was my ONLY choice. I did all sorts of research and finally found Fluff Love and CD Science on facebook. They have saved this go around. I learned to testy water and do a prewash. I also learned less is way to little detergent. We have now been in cloth for 3 months and I LOVE it. I am currently looking for a night time diaper and trainers for my older 2 but I will cloth any future babies thanks to flcds.

  304. Jayne

    When I first came across Fluff Love & CD Science, the page was still new, there were only about 1,000-1,500 members. I was having issues with my LO being red & I was skeptical with how clean my diapers really were. I learned that rinsing in hot until there were no more suds was not an adequate way to strip(bought used diapers). I followed the strip & bleach info & was blown away by how soft, white, and clean they were. I also got a good wash routine down. When my washer broke, I got help with a great handwash routine as well(5gal bucket & plunger). This page is such a great thing for the cloth diaper community. My diapers are clean and my questions answered. So happy, and grateful! Thanks admins for all of your continued hard work and research!

  305. Elsbeth Klotz

    I used the routine my local retailer recommended for about a week before deciding to go with my gut and embrace the fluff love! No issues since for my very sensitive-skinned daughter using an approved detergent and water softener. 🙂

  306. Frances

    Fluff Love helped me figure out a great wash routine and decipher the wrong way and right way to cloth diaper and wash! Thankfully we’ve only ever had one issue with poop not really coming off and I payed about it and got loads of responses that helped tremendously! We no longer have any issues and our cloth diapers are clean and fabulous!

  307. Elizabeth Bromley

    We had terrible barnyard stink. We had thought we might have to give up on cloth diapering. I started reading through the files and started gradually changing wash routine. Changed our soap we were using purex naturals, added borax. Everything was better so I waited till I was brave enough to bleach which was after a little stink and rash, and stripped and bleached our diapers. The strip was awesome but the bleach amped it. We now have great smelling diapers for our baby (who has now been cloth diapered for 13 months) thanks to fluff love!

  308. Haley

    I started cloth diapering my daughter at 10months old. I was told I had to use a cloth diaper detergent (Rock in green) and do extra rinses. I found myself very frustrated ready to give up after only a couple months of trying. I found Fluff Love & CD Science, and a wonderful admin helped me establish a washing routine and told me how to strip my diapers to deal with the problems I had been having. I switched to using the detergent I was already buying for my main laundry and was amazed at the difference of cleanliness. My daughter is almost 2 and i’m expecting my second. I can’t wait to build a bigger stash to continue cloth diapering my kids, only this time much sooner than 10 months. I am constantly recomending friends to check out the facebook group 🙂

  309. Leigha

    I was directed to FLU by multiple people when mentioning trying out cloth diapering and after a week of reading files and taking notes off of other people’s posts we have successfully clothed with new/used diapers with no leaks!

    I was able to strip and bleach soak the used diapers (which I never would have purchased if not for this site explaining how to do those two cleaning methods)!
    I have since referenced this site everyday, and told others that were interested, but not quite sure about cloth, about it in hopes to get them switched to cloth as well!

  310. Tabitha Mitchell

    I love Fluff Love! This is my go-to when I have any cloth questions. I’ve been able to find a great wash routine and help with detergents for my little ones sensitive bum. Thanks for all the help!

  311. Christina K

    We began following the Fluff Love page when I became pregnant in a way to prepare for our choice to cloth diaper. There seems to be so many schools of thought. I appreciated having references to review with stability and support that explain in detail how each laundry choice has different outcomes. My son is 7 months old and we’ve been cloth diapering for 6 with a wash routine that hasn’t let us down. We are also gearing up for a bleach soak /strip for mold we discovered after finding a long lost wetbag and it is comforting to know these items can be reinvigorated simply by following the files. We appreciate the knowledge and share with those we meet 🙂

  312. Michelle Doud

    I started CDing when my now 19 month old daughter was 14 months old (wow 5 months! ) and I was pregnant with my now 3 month old boy. Luckily I found Fluff Love & CD science before I started washing them. I have perfectly clean diapers and have enjoyed the journey so far!

  313. Jennifer M

    Before I joined fluff love, I had no idea where to begin with cloth! I was living off a diaper loan and whatever detergent seemed safe to me. After finding out the truth about laundering my cloth, finding resources to getting more fluff, and so much more, I am constantly trying to help others love their fluff-the right way!

    I also have a blog about my cloth journey! (My Semi-Crunchy Life!)

  314. Rochelle Weathers

    Prior to discovering Fluff Love University I followed the washing instructions printed on the diapers. I also used Ecos and unbeknownst to me at the time, was washing all wrong by adding extra rinses. It didn’t take long for my little guy to start getting rashes and the diapers developed an unholy stink. One day on a diaper swap page someone recommended Fluff Love and the rest is history. I received help getting a wash routine that was simple and perfect for me. I striped and bleached my diapers the one time and haven’t had to since. That was nearly 4 months ago. My diapers have yet to obtain a stain and they always smell clean! When people ask how I can possible manage cloth I sing praises to Fluff Love and tell them just how easy it can be. There is a wealth of information out there that is mostly confusing and counterproductive. Not only does Fluff Love provide clear, accurate directions but they provide a platform for you to ask questions to obtain personalized answers. Fluff Love is AWESOME!!

  315. Stephanie Manley

    I tried CD’ING with my first but I gave up after a couple months because my diapers had constant ammonia smell. I used started out using “special” cloth diaper detergent and when that got too expensive I switched to homemade. I didn’t know any better and just got frustrated and gave up. Now that I’ve found this group I’m proud to say that I’ve been happily CD’ING my youngest for 4 months! It’s made my life so much easier!

  316. Amber Edmons

    Before I found this page I had watched a million YouTube videos and thought I had this cloth diapering thing figured out. Then (luckily) a friend told me about this site (before baby got here) and I could tell all the members and adminis of the fb page knew what was going on, even though they were suggesting things completely opposite of most of the videos i had watched. So, I decided to read through all the files and posts, and finally came up with my wash routine. It has recently been tweaked because I have a quirky washing machine, but I have had no problems for the 9 weeks that I’ve been cloth diapering!

  317. Ashley

    i had great luck with Fluff Love University. I was using homemade detergent which was starting to make my diapers smell and repel. I followed their recommendation for the strip and bleach soak then i switched my detergent to a mainstream detergent. Wow my diapers actually hold up better than before, and NO SMELL!! I am so glad i found this group and i wish i would have known what i know now when i first started!

  318. Jessica Funderburk

    I had become so discouraged about a year ago when our daughter was becoming red with inflamed skin in her diaper area. My sister-in-law would say, “I thought cloth was supposed to be safer!” IT made me so mad and determined. I turned to Fluff Love University and realized that we were having ammonia burns. All it took was a deep breath, a soak and some patience and voila!

  319. Karina Blackmon

    My mom cloth diapered my youngest siblings, so when I decided I wanted to do it I thought it would be so simple. Oh how the times have changed! Cloth diapering is so different now than when my mom cloth diapered. Learning about cloth diapers of today was super overwhelming, and can still seem daunting as I’m still waiting for my little one to arrive, but I’m more confident now that I have the Fluff Love University and community of Fluff Love mommas to help me out! I can’t wait to start cloth diapering!

  320. Tanya

    I am very new to this group and to clo h diapering . but this is where I started and how I know the little I know about cloth and taking care of it. I have read many trial and errors and found out how to maintain my cloth… And all for free. Thanks for everyone’s help and this group for you knowledge.

  321. Lauren Case

    Before I found Fluff Love I used Rockin Green and was having rash issues 🙁 it was horrible! I was told to strip using blue Dawn. Then I switched to Country Save and nothing got any better. FINALLY I found this group and my diapers have never been cleaner! No rashes, no stains, no stinks! I have had so much success with it that I cloth diapered my second child from the start!

  322. Jacqueline b

    I was using country save before I found fluff love. I now have a solid routine. I’ve never had to strip them since I found fluff love. Thank you!

  323. Lety Vazquez

    I am so grateful to FLU. Before I found them I was dousing my diapers with bleach because they weren’t getting clean otherwise. A peer advisor helped me get a good wash routine and now they are clean and baby and I are happy. Thank you so much!

  324. Alynsia CarrilloElliott

    Oh man, FL&CDS has been a LIFE SAVER! So I was that worried pregnant momma thinking there was no way we were going to have the funds to support a baby. This lead my to cloth diapering and after a ton of research and google searches and endless hours stuffing my brain full of “knowledge,” I found FL&CDS (Thankfully!). And all my research was done for me. It was all right there in the files. I dove into those suckers and took in all the knowledge I could. So fast forward to baby being born, I thought I had a solid routine… (I didn’t.) I started having barnyard like crazy! Hopped on FL&CDS and the wonderful admins helped me rectify the issue and make my diapers right again! Now about 5 months later and still using the same routine, I have a solid routine, some wonderful smelling diapers, and a happy baby butt! FL&CDS is wonderful and I have lead two of my good friends here and they are now successful cloth diapering mommas. 🙂

  325. Kerri Steves

    I gave up using cloth early on due to stinky diapers several years ago. With my 3rd on the way & 3 boys in diapers I was determined to try again. Thanks to this group, I’ve been CDing successfully for months!

  326. Adrienne

    i no longer feel guilty about not making my own detergent bc I now know that homemade detergent sucks.

  327. Holly Ericksen

    I didn’t realize that washing in hard water could be trapping bacteria in the fabric of my diapers if I didn’t use a softener. In October 2014 I took the advice of the group and did a strip and bleach soak and then always used a water softener, usually calgon, in my pre wash and main wash. I’ve never had any problems with stinky diapers since then.

  328. Rhea Northcut

    I was so lost when I first started looking into CDing. Fluff Love has been such an amazing resource through all of it. I was able to make an informed decision about what kind of diapers and affordable brands, the best wash routine for my specific washer/dryer, the effectiveness of every laundry detergent I think I’ve ever heard of, and on and on. And then when I can’t find what I need on, all I have to do is ask on one of the Facebook pages and 54,000 people will see it and I get more answers than I could know what do with. I love Fluff Love U. You have made CDing a reality for me.

  329. Natalie Wolff

    I’m preparing my diapers for baby #3. After some questionable wash routines with the first two, I stripped and soaked the first load today – they’re so clean now!! I cannot wait to see the difference on my new baby’s bum!

  330. Cindy Paris

    I was told to use the old bum genius “detergent” by the shop owner who sold me my first diapers. I also have hard water. No surprise I was getting barnyard stink.

    After following instructions for stripping, bleaching and a new wash routine, I no longer have any issues.

    Thanks to everyone on this team who contributed to making those files!

  331. Jane kostur

    I never thought I would cloth. I didn’t with my first and then I saw how wonderful they were# she will be 6 months on the 23rd! We just did our first successful night in cloth which is a huge success! My husband even loves them and because of this group I have an amazing wash routine and no stinks 🙂 ;I have bought all of mine pre loved and would love to buy a new one at some point but we were lucky to find someone who didn’t like cloth and didn’t use them too much .. I also did a successful strip and turned some grovia aio diapers she was going to throw away into looking brand new again!!

  332. Candice Stuifbergen

    I found fluff love just before my son was born, the admin team and peer advisors have helped me with new to me diapers and also batteling a stink issue. This website as well as the facebook page are amazing.

  333. Christina Brown

    I was washing all wrong, 6 rinse cycles with extremely hard water and no softener. A peer advisor worked with me to strip and bleach then getting a proper wash routine. I love fluff love university!!

  334. Sara

    I cloth diapered my son for 6 months with only 7 cloth diapers. About 5 months into cloth diapering we became homeless and I was only able to continue washing for a month after that. Once I found stable housing I was able to cloth my son again as well as a new addition my daughter! I’ve clothed them both for almost 5 months now. It hasn’t been easy with using a laundry mat that sometimes has randomly faulty machines but my fluff love peeps were always there to help me through soggy soapy finished loads to yeast diaper rashes as well as how to prep used diapers, there was always advice and encouragement. I’m a single mom of two on a tight budget and very little time but I still go the extra mile to put cloth on my babies bums as much as possible. I find it rewarding and economical. I’m so glad I found fluff love university! They help build a sense of community and a strong support group for parents wanting to cloth successfully!

  335. Isabella Tacconelli

    I never thought that i’d be a cloth mom but here I am. My son is 11 months and i just decided to start. I wish I would have done it sooner. Being on a small budget and looking at all these cute diapers is really hard. I just want to buy them all. Lets just say i’m hooked!

  336. JC King-Otway

    I wanted nothing to do with cloth at first. It was too intimidating and the learning curve was way too steep!

    Then my job contract ran out and I had my son. My husband wanted me to e a stay at home Mom, I wanted the same. As soon as we got into the swing of things, my husband had his hrs cut back at work. I used my savings to buy some cloth diapers and did laundry every night for two months until I managed to scrum up a bit more cash for a larger lot of cheap diapers. I had no idea how to do laundry before cloth diapers – I did laundry but completely wrong for cloth. I fell for the expensive “cloth safe” soaps and was ready to throw in the towel be my diapers stunk, the repelled, and my husband hated them! I got lucky and found Fluff Love by accident and joined the group. Found a new wash routine and saved my diapers with a DIY strip and bleach. We’re 9 months strong cloth diapering and I love it, hubby loves it, and I’ve convinced two friends to cloth for their new babies!

  337. christy

    Your site has helped so much in my quest to cloth diaper my newborn to be. Thanks to the website and FB group, I have a better understanding of what to use, buy and prepare.

    There is so much information that I feel like I’m making new notes every day on what I need to look into more to buy for my little one.

    I cannot wait till he is here and I get to try it out.

    For some reason it is so exciting!

  338. Melissa B

    The information on this page helped me convince my husband that cloth diapering isn’t as intimidating as we thought and that switching to CDs would be a great idea for our youngest child. So we are starting to build a stash!

  339. brandy hurrell

    I was using a homemade detergent and had given up cloth diapers bc of the rash.. FLU helped me strip, bleach, and develop a new washer routine. I never thought it would b so easy. Now we have our 2 yr old and 7 month old in cloth and going strong.

  340. Cait B

    I never knew it but I was doing my wash routine all wrong. I have a “special” machine, the Maytag Centennial which was 1/2 my problem. The other half was using a “cloth safe” detergent. That worked okay, I was starting to notice some stink and it definitely never got all those lovey technicolor stains out of diapers. But I was following directions! I was okay right?? Then Cotton Babies up and changed it’s warranty and sent me into a tailspin. I finally admitted I needed help, enter fluff love which I had avoided mostly becuase I knew those “crazypants” used real detergents and would surely ruin my diapers! But some very helpful advice and lots of reading later I embraced both mainstream detergent and the special modifications my particular machine needed. One strip later my diapers are *clean* smell fresh and though still have some very light staining (freaking blueberries) I am no longer in doubt that they are 100% clean and safe for my baby. Thanks ladies!

  341. Rachel Abdullah

    Im 3 months into cding for my 4 month old and soon to be two year old I am hand washing my diapers with the bucket plunger method and I had a issue with the detergent measurements.and.fluff love helped me corre t that…thank you=) !!!

  342. Tiffany M Lord

    I have sensitive skin and have been using All F&C liquid for the past few years. My son is six months and when I was prepping his cloth diapers before he was born I thought I had the perfect regiment down for washing his clothes and diapers. They started to smell after he peed in them but I didn’t know it was my wash routine. I also assumed we had hard water and was doing extra rinses (I was washing according to manufacturer except for the detergent) so I was adding all the extra mineral junk into the diapers :(. Just before I did the strip and bleach he started getting diaper rash and it cleared up right away. The smell is gone. I am so excited about cloth diapering again!! It’s awesome and is saving our family money 🙂 Thank you!

  343. Mandi

    I thought about using cloth while I was pregnant but then decided against it with all the info out there I was overwhelmed. Three months after my daughter was born someone suggested fluff love and now I am slowly building my stash. Thank you fluff love university! !

  344. Paulette

    I had barnyard smell from using a detergent that wasn’t strong enough. After getting help through a strip and a new wash routine everything smells great now!

  345. Reniet

    last time I used city was with my now 16yr old. I’m determined to use them again with #4 but with MCNs out now days I was completely lost as to what to use.
    I stumbled across Fluff Love and all my problems have been solved. It’s the only place where you can find a comprehensive list of everything you need to know in one place.

  346. Elizabeth

    I was one of the lucky ones that found fluff love before using cloth and we’ve never had an issue thanks to their advice.

  347. shannon C

    I found FLCDS right after I started CD. I was able to find a routine that worked for my water, my machine, and my family.

    It took tweaking and water testing, but my baby’s bum is clean and fresh! Thank you!!

  348. Anna

    I’ve been cloth diapering for 3 1/2 years. When I was pregnant with our first, I had a friend using cloth and knew that’s what I wanted to do. I fell for all the water only washes and constant stripping and never had clean diapers. When I was pregnant with our second (our son was 2 1/2 at the time), I just couldn’t shake the stink this time no matter how many “strips” I did, even bleach washes (before learning that I actually needed a soak). I even caused conflict within my local cloth group because I just didn’t want to believe that I had to use mainstream detergents to clean and bleach to disinfect diapers. I finally caved and joined Fluff Love 6 months after our daughter was born and decided to try this group’s strip and bleach. At this point, I had nothing to lose. I picked a new detergent (still use less toxic/harsh chemical ones) Kirkland Enviro or 7th Gen Ultra (depending on the shopping day) and have had clean diapers ever since. Even the 3 1/2 year old MF inserts that I just couldn’t get cleaned by doing all those weak “strips” from other cloth sources online are actually now clean and no longer stink!

  349. Tiffany

    I used Eco sprout before I heard of fluff love and cd science and had no idea it was such a weak detergent til I washed my first load containing a poo and was horrified to find my prefolds were stained. I was at a lost til I pmd one of the fluff love reps and they explained about Eco sprout and then told me I could use the baby detergent I’d already bought for my sons clothes! Yay for saving money and no more stains!

  350. LeAnna Herrmann

    I used CD for my oldest and only bum genius soap (4 years ago) the MF inserts stopped working after about a year, I know now, they had ammonia as well. I ended up just buying new pads. With DS #2 we started getting a persistent rash that only resolved when he was in disposibles a few days. I’d go back to my stash and in a few days the rash was back. I found a FB group for CD, and another member recommended after hearing me talking about my home made soap.

    I did my research, stripped and bleached the diapers and I’ve never looked back. Our rashes stopped immediately, the inserts look brighter *and* I don’t have to worry about my husband sneaking off to buy sposies behind my back. This group kept me from abandoning my stash, I’m so glad it hadn’t come to that!

  351. Tabitha

    I am a first time mom. I had always known (even years before marrying my husband and getting pregnant) that I wanted to cloth diaper. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I started searching yard sales in our area for some diapers, but I had NO idea how to prep them for our baby. This site helped me get our pre-loved and brand new diapers ready for our son’s precious little bum, and I could not be more thankful for the help and support during this journey. I even went as far as taking pictures of our washer and asking for specific help with settings.

    Thank you, Fluff Love!

  352. Jen Rowe

    I was given 25 Bum Genius pocket diapers that had terrible dark grey stains on them. I reached out to the awesome Fluff Love community for advice on the best way to try to clean them up before we used them and now you can barely see the slight grey tinge. They came a long way!

  353. MandyLE

    just started cloth diapering. I was having ammonia issues with some second hand dipes. Tried a few things before finding fluff love. Did a bleach strip, sunning and a new wash routine. We are back in business. Thanks a bunch!

  354. Mandy Lobert-Skinner

    I am so glad I had a friend recommend Fluff Love before my baby was born. I learned so much just from following the posts and reading the freshman orientation. I was a little nervous at first, but now I feel so much more confident in using cloth and knowing my wash routine is getting them clean from day one. My daughter is healthy and happy with a clean fluffy butt!

  355. Dora Lea Bialota

    What started out as an absolute necesity due to financial needs and a wish to go more to my roots and simplify life (and inspiration was initially started from ‘un’paper towels…. Reminding me that i myself was cd’rd……,….. Has long became a love,obsession, and our life!
    Only began cd’ring our two yr old in xmass timeperiod of 2014 while pregnant for no.3… Hubby was NOT on board. So started with a package of plastic pants from walmart for ’emergencies’ and some receiving blankets, and flats, and some old gerber prefolds (when they were good) and HAND WASHING with dish detergent (lolol…) Has sincerely been accepted and approved of by my husband and other family too because of help from this site and group!!! My hubby was so excited over our firat cloth on our newborn baby son. We are successfully cd’ing 2 lo’s now! And have been for 7months (7weeks for the new lil one!)

  356. Suzanne Thomas

    I had no idea I was supposed to add a water softener to my hard water and was dealing with nasty ammonia smell. I followed Fluff Love’s stripping, bleaching, and wash routine instructions and haven’t had a problem since!

  357. Jeannette Growler

    I’m new to cloth diapering and this page has saved us from so many problems. I love having such a wonderful resource to guide us in our cloth diapering journey. We have a great wash routine, no issues, and are amazed at how easy it has been. All thanks to this page!

  358. Heather

    Luckily, when I started cloth diapering, I had already learned that “cd-safe detergents” were not the way to go, so I started with Tide. Not a bad start. But after 5 months or so, I found Fluff Love and learned about water softeners and how to use my he machine to properly wash my cloth (ex: do a quick wash instead of using the prewash button, add clothes so the main was is 2/3-3/4 full, etc). My diapers have never looked or smelled better. I refer people to FL all the time, making sure everyone I meet who uses cloth know about this site. Save all the baby bums!

  359. laurel Webb

    I’ve followed the strip and bleach due to rash and also tweaked my wash routine thanks to FLCDS!

  360. Lauren

    I love fluff & love and visit almost everyday to continue learning about cloth diapering. I love that the mamas and papas on the page truly enjoy sharing their knowledge and helping others navigate the waters. I first looked to the group for a wash routine and I love the way my diapers look, smell and feel after a wash. I’m glad to know that the questions I have, other CDers have also. I’m only 3 weeks into motherhood and cloth diapering my babygirl but I’m looking forward to the continued success thanks to FLCD!

  361. Shannon

    I heard about FLCDS on another cloth diaper page–the mom was having the same problem as I was: a recurring red angry rash. She said she was using too much water per this boards instructions and now everything was great! So I decided to check the page out. I was using too much water–and had a history of using bad detergent (Bum Genius, Tiny Bubbles, Rockin Green), and using too little of it! I stripped, bleached, changed my routine and everything was going GREAT. We went months without the angry rashes and ourdiapers smelled wonderful.

    I recently came back because we moved into a house with hard water–and our water softener malfunctioned! So we had stink and rashes. And also a new plant based detergent. I got everything sorted out once again (but I do still have 100 diapers to strip. I am much too lazy right now so we’re in flats 🙂 )

    Love this page, and I have referred many. Any issues that come p, someone is here to help, admin or member.

  362. Leanne

    I was lucky enough to find the group before my baby was born. I was able to start cloth diapering with a good routine and some knowledge of how things worked. When my detergent fell off the recommendations list I was able to find out and pick a new one right away. Thanks to the group or cloth diapering journey had been very smooth! I have even been able to share some information and the group with cloth diaper friends and have saved some families from bad CD experiences!

  363. Shay Rozier Henderson

    bought a used stash and the seller directed me here. I discovered I have hard water and prob would’ve been in a mesh w/out all I’ve learned here.

  364. Roxanne Angus

    We decided to cloth diaper with this baby. It would save us money, save on waste, and is just more natural for babies tush.
    I don’t know where I’d be without Fluff University!!
    I bought a used starter “lot” of diapers, some in great shape some with that barn yard funk going on. (Washed the old way) … I pulled some out to start with, but I wasn’t having success. So I asked what to do, seen others posts on things to do and what to use. (I was using a microfiber insert with the pocket diapers. I was having compression leaks! Ohh no, I felt hopeless)! So I tried the hemp flats folded up, success! Finally! 😀
    So as I ventured through the bag of diapers I found these BG AIO’s. (I thought win! That’s what I needed for our heavy wetter at night)… They were kinda dirty (like dirt) looking so I washed them and went to sun them.. Yuk!! Blaaa! Gross! My gosh, they stunk.. So I started the strip. Again yuk, the smell…. A rinse. Next was the bleach.. Washed. Then the stain remover……. And another hand wash…. Outside they went again… Ohh my, total success… 😀 From brown to white!
    I was so proud of myself, I posted a before and after pic. The difference was astonishing! And the response was huge.

    Thank you so much for teaching me how to clean our fluff.. I dont know if we would have continued for long with out yours and everyone on the Facebook pages help.
    😀 <3

  365. heather

    FL&CDS got me started on a good routine from day one, and when my cds started to smell not 100% clean, I was directed to the cabrio page! Started with a slightly tweaked routine yesterday so hopefully we are good! Been cd’ing for 5+months and love it!

  366. stephenie

    I am so lucky I found this group early in my cloth diaper journey. I was having smell issues and no matter how many times I washed my diapers they were not getting clean. Well, I wasn’t using the proper detergent or amount of detergent and I was using way too much water. I now know and trust all the science behind washing and have started to wash my clothes with a better understanding of how to get them clean as well. All thinks to the hard work that has gone into this group and the information they provide. I am now a graduate of this site and and so happy I can say I really know what I am doing :). thanks again!

  367. Kristina

    A lot of my friends CD and I was interested for a while. I ordered some BG 4.0s and thought I was set. I used to make my own “detergent” and was so excited to start using them. I had no idea about hard water or anything like that. I washed them once and started using them immediately. Shortly after my son had awful rashes that would only go away when we used sposies. A friend turned me onto the Fluff Love page and I’ll never look back. I stripped, bleached, and got a wash routine down with a real detergent and we haven’t had any issues since! I can’t believe how wrong everything on Pinterest is LOL thank you!

  368. Emily

    You all have SAVED ME!!!! I had used Bumgenius Freetimes for about 10 months when we started fighting the dreaded ammonia smell/diaper rash. NOTHING I did was helping it (and I tried everything under the sun). So, I admitted defeat and for the next 10 months, I gave up and used disposables. I got so tired of creating so much waste so I thought, “I will try internet research one. more. time. but if I can’t find anything new, then that is it. We will just sell these diapers and be done with cloth forever!” Praise the Lord I found FLU!! During the time I was gone from the cloth world, you all had come into being and provided information for people like me on how to wash using HE machines (I admit to buying into all the “myths.”), a washing routine for my exact washing machine, and the best detergents to use. With this new information, I have been able to put those adorable/eco-friendly/money saving cloth diapers back on my little one’s bum without any ammonia or rash. We are so happy! And so thankful!! Thank you all for your tireless and extensive research and helping us get back on the cloth train! It feels so good!!!

  369. Kristan Panamick

    I have to say a big thank you to Fluff Love University and FL&CDS Facebook group for all the help and for pointing me in the right direction to transition from sposies to cloth. I have learned so much and am excited to share everything I learn with anyone who is interested in cloth diapering. I always recommend people here to learn from all the useful information you have compiled. I know for a fact that I would never have switched had I not found this site and the How To Cloth Diaper on A Budget or For Free. For that my daughter and I thank you! Chi miigwetch!

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